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Planning your next vacation? Make it a Photography one.

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This Canola Field was taken while vacationing in Alberta in Summer 2009. I was on my way to the mall with Kyla, so she could get shoes, while everyone else sat on the beach. We just pulled off the highway and took about 20 pictures (this being my favorite) and I didn’t get swimmer’s itch while shooting, sorry girls, lol.

Planning your next vacation? Make it a photography one.

We reached the end of August, kids are going back to school and parents are back at work. Summer vacation season is quickly ending. So how many pictures did you take during your vacation? Not as many as you would have liked. Were they just random pictures? Did you get some shots of your favorite type of photography? Wait a minute, did you take a vacation from photography too? Maybe you are the only avid photographer in the family. If so, do you really need to be away from photography? There has to be away that you can enjoy your craft while traveling or vacating with others. I believe there is, I believe I may have done it.

We have been travelers over the past 4 or 5 years. We have visited 12 U.S. states and 4 Canadian Provinces and/or territories. This is just the last half a decade, if I go a little farther back I could include 6 more states and 6 more provinces. Of course on each trip there are hundreds of pictures but, were there any real photography skills learned? Were we just snapping pictures or was there real photography involved?  Well, I think there was a little of both with a slight advantage to the just snapping pictures side. So, as an avid, albeit an amateur, photographer what did I do to change this vacation from being a vacation away from photography? Well, here is the fix. Plan a vacation for your entire family that can still provide something just for the photographers but, still include the non-photographers. This year we didn’t travel as far or as long as we do most summers but, I got more photography in than in previous years. Funny thing is I didn’t take as many pictures (or maybe I didn’t “snap” as many pictures).

This year, I booked a vacation spot that offered something for all family members and provided me an opportunity to get some quality photography in. For me landscapes and nature are things I love to photograph but, I can’t just stop and push the shutter button. I need to tripod mount the camera, decide what filters I should use, decide what lens I will use and then set up and take pictures. So, I need to find a vacation spot that gives me those opportunities and still provides things for everyone. We drove through Banff and Jasper National Parks this year. While the family got snacks, had bathroom breaks, in the RV, or just stopped to stretch their legs I took photographs. I even scheduled a workshop in Calgary and there was lots to do at the mall for everyone while I was learning (I know you agree, Kyla). We had an RV site next to the Bow River so, I could shoot while others just relaxed. There was a big walking trail nearby. Little things we did allowed for so much and it was just due to planning. I even left early one morning to go on a shoot without everyone but, I helped plan their day in advance. A good number of the photographs taken are here on my website.

So, what is the secret? Well, it is in the planning. The first step for me was to look for all the things my family wanted to do and find them in an area that I wanted to photograph. Try and have those things close enough together as to not disrupt anyone else’s event or activities. Try and have the photo sessions short enough that the others don’t get bored or tired. Most of all include the non-photographers in as much of your photography as you can. If you can make it interesting for them you will find much more time for your “snapping” habit. Lastly, Let your family know your plan or include them in your planning stage. You will be rewarded with a great time for all.

Thanks for reading and we will see your entire family here during your Aurora photography holiday.


Written by leesacrey

August 30, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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