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Be a yes man (or woman), it will help. I promise.

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This is one of the photographs from the Aurora shoot that Dave Brosha asked me to come out for. It is interesting not because of the color or the shape of the light but, because of the vantage point taken for the shot. The camera was almost pointed straight skyward. You will find it and the other photos from that night in my Aurora Album.

Be a yes man (or woman), it will help. I promise.

Wow, another week has passed. Time moves way to quickly. A few weeks ago I started this blog page on my website. I had big plans – post new pictures to the new stuff page, update the albums and write a new blog piece weekly. This doesn’t sound like much but, I am only in a few weeks and I am already finding that I pressure myself to try and get everything done. I was asking people, as late as this afternoon, if they had any ideas as to what I should write about. Five or six ideas were being thrown around. Only one idea was mine, it was to write on how quickly I process the pictures I take and why I feel it important to do it immediately. As I write this I am finding that I am going to write something different. I would however like to say that I generally process my pictures as soon as I am near my computer. If I don’t it takes forever for me to get them done. Another, interesting note is that after that idea came to me I was looking at Darwin Wiggett’s blog (only because he mentioned me,lol. That’s not true Darwin, I go there all the time.) and he has written something that relates. Go and have a look (http://darwinwiggett.wordpress.com/).

So, this will be my first, from the hip, unplanned blog post. I am writing on the fly. Wish me luck. I think the title is “Don’t pass up any opportunity to continue to improve your photography skills”.

As an amateur photographer, I am very fortunate. I live in a part of the country that is all but covered in nature, it’s pace is a little slower than most other areas and our sense of community is great. I also have made several acquaintances that, have and continue to, aid me in my photography skill.

First, is Darwin Wiggett. Darwin came to Yellowknife, upon my request, and did a workshop here. I have attended a workshop that he has done at The Camera Store in Calgary, Alberta. I have even spent time in southern Alberta and gone out shooting with him. What a great time I have had. He is coming back to Yellowknife next weekend to do a second workshop. Samantha Chrysanthou is coming with him this time. A big welcome to Sam – we are glad you are coming. It will be a great time. Darwin continues to influence almost every landscape or nature photo I take. It is because of his ability to share his craft that every time I take a photograph there is some technique, some piece of equipment, some camera setting or just a thought process I use, that has started from his teaching and advice. I will continue to attend his workshops when I can. I now consider Darwin a friend and for an amateur like myself what better photographer to call a friend. The British Journal of Photography – 2008 Travel Photographer of the Year, Darwin Wiggett.

Another acquaintance is Dave Brosha (His Blog is here – http://www.arctic-photo.com/blog/). Dave is a Professional Photographer located right here in Yellowknife. I have only known Dave for a few short weeks and in that short period of time we have had many photography conversations. We have gone on an Aurora photograph shoot together. I have had a tour of his new Studio and Gallery. I am going to his Aurora workshop on September 27. Dave has even become my printer in this short period of time. I am looking forward to this trend continuing. Sorry Dave, lol.

So, with that out-of-the-way, what is my point this week. I have already written about workshops so that is not it.  Well the point I want to make is to keep your options open and watch for little things that become available. Talk to others with a passion for photography, no matter what their skill level. There is an opportunity to pass knowledge and information back and forth, information and knowledge that can make us all better. Even a seasoned Pro can learn new techniques, new skills to make him/her better. They don’t have to be big major events. It can be as small as a few minutes of your time to converse with someone else. For example, a week or so ago, while updating my website, I had signed on to Facebook just to see what people were up too. I left Facebook open while doing my updating and as I sat writing (as bad as my writing may be it is still writing) I hear the little ding sound that the chat makes. I look and it is Dave Brosha. He says that he is looking to go out at midnight to shoot the Aurora and he wanted to know if I would join him. Well, after an hour of considering his invitation, ok that is a lie, within a few minutes an Aurora shoot was planned and a few hours later I was out shooting. The shoot was unplanned and lasted about an hour and a half. It was a great night for me. Thanks Dave, ask anytime and I am there.

So there are many things we can be open to that will help us improve. It is sort of like the movie “Yes Man” we just have to be open to the ideas and say yes to the little things. I am afraid that if we are not open to these ideas, we will end up spending more time without our cameras in front of our squinty eyed faces and that would suck. Don’t you agree? If you do agree and are close by, call me, send me an e-mail and let’s go shoot something. What will it hurt?


Written by leesacrey

September 6, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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