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Are you a cheater? I might be, deal with it!!

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This is one of the pictures from my trip to Gameti. My wife loves fall colours, the reds, yellows and oranges mix well with the surrounding evergreens, she got to pick the blog picture this week. As a side note, nothing has been added or removed from the original photograph. Just white balance processing of the RAW file. No cheating here, lol.

Are you a cheater? I might be, deal with it!!

I wonder how many Photographers shoot in RAW format and how many shoot in JPEG. I shoot in both and store the RAW files on my computer for processing and the JPEGs are stored on the family computer. The reason I wonder about the format people use is because I would like to know how much editing everyone does with their photographs.

While I was away last week, I processed all the pictures I had taken on the trip. As stated earlier I store my RAW files on my computer for processing. The fact that they are in RAW format means I will have to adjust the white balance at minimum, so some processing is required. What is interesting is that while I was processing my pictures someone was watching. That person said I was cheating because, in addition to white balance I removed some unwanted things from some of the pictures. So, is it cheating? I truly believe that photographs are a representation of what the photographer wants to show from the subject or scene he or she was capturing when the shutter button was pressed. I don’t believe the photograph has to look like what you would see if you were at the same location as the photographer. The photograph needs to speak to viewer and relay what the photographer is trying to say or show, no more or less.

Everyone believes that programs like Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture have allowed us to edit pictures from our digital cameras and because we use a computer we cheat. Are you kidding me? To me those programs have replaced the darkroom used to process film. So if a darkroom was used, did the film photographer cheat? You never hear anyone making that statement. As long as the photographer lets people know that there was editing involved I am not sure if there is a problem and depending on the amount of editing, I am not sure if the editing even needs to be mentioned. For example, on the new stuff page this week are pictures taken during the rain. On several pictures rain drops had fallen on the lens and I removed the drops later during processing. The picture with the canoe had rain drops and two pieces of cloth on the ground next to the canoe. I removed both the drops and the cloth. I don’t think I cheated. I just didn’t need old rags taking attention away from what I wanted you to see or what the scene looked like in my little brain.

So, if you think this processing thing makes us cheaters, I can deal with it. As wrong as you may be, I can deal with it. I am going to continue to process the same as I did before. It is really better than letting the photo lab in the camera do the work. At least I do it myself. Take that photo lab cheaters, take that, lol.


Written by leesacrey

September 27, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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  1. Excellent post. I like the text very much. I am not taking Raw-photos, only Jpeg. But I process my photos of course. I am using Corel PaintShopPro Photo X2. It is not so good than Photoshop, but anyway. Many times I have been asking in my mind: are there “original photos” or are they all processed.

    When reading newspapers, I always am looking and thinking how much some photos has been processed.



    December 2, 2009 at 10:55 PM

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