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As the Boy Scouts say – “Be Prepared”.

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After our Grizzly Bear encounter I was a little reluctant to just wander away from anything that felt safe (house, office or the truck). However, we drove to the end of the road and a hundred yards or so away was this small river or brook. I had to get to it. Once I got back and processed the photos I noticed a pattern. This looks a lot like my Boundary Creek photo from weeks ago. I hope this is the start of my own style. I also hope the photos are good.

As the Boy Scouts say – “Be Prepared”.

There is one thing I continually struggle with on my Photographic journey. That one thing is being prepared for the unexpected.

This week I was traveling for work and was told when I arrived at my destination that someone had seen a Grizzly Bear near town. I was excited and thought about getting some really good images of the great beast. The problem is, I like to take landscape photos. So out I went hoping to see the bear but, when I didn’t I switched back to my favorite landscape lens. Later that night I heard some noise outside the house where I was staying, it was the Bear. The Bear was at the garbage box at the bottom of the back stairs. I grabbed my camera and tried to capture the Grizzly. I didn’t think I had time to switch to a lens better suited to wildlife photography, so I didn’t. I also had a lighting problem as it was about 10:30 pm and in the north it is very dark at that time. So, I got some photos to show family and friends but, they are not even close to being good enough to displayed to the masses.

Often I have two camera bodies and I mount different lenses so, no matter what happens I am ready. This time someone else was using the second camera and in the past every time I have carried two bodies with different lenses nothing happened to allow that process to make me any more prepared. So what am I to do? I thought of calling Sony, Sigma or Tamron and asking them to make a 10 mm to 500 mm f2.8 lens and quickly realized I couldn’t afford that lens. So I am lost.

I am not even sure if I can take that good shot of the animal I randomly see. I am use to my landscape set up process. If I take that long to get ready I will never see any good wildlife shots. So, I need to practice, practice and practice some more. But wildlife takes planning and patience. I will need to almost camp out in the wildlife area to get great shots. I may even need new equipment (which would be cool for a gear head like me). I know I am going to keep trying but, I am sure I will switch back to the 11 mm to 18 mm to capture the wide landscape in front of me. Then, once again I will miss the bear that wanders by. Again, what I am to do? If you have any ideas about my problem e-mail me some things to try. Thanks for reading.


Written by leesacrey

October 18, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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