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Please, stay motivated you owe it to yourself and your fans!

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Standing by the side of the road shooting Buffalo (just with the camera of course) was a fun experience. I have done it before but, not like this week. This week I tried to get as close as I felt comfortable getting. Do you know Buffalo will turn and face you when you get close enough to make them uncomfortable? I mean turn straight and face toward you. I am not sure if they charge after that because I moved first.

Please, stay motivated you owe it to yourself and your fans!

Yes, you have fans. We all have fans. Some of us just have more fans than others. If I didn’t have this site and no one outside of my home ever looked at my photographs, I would still have fans. My wife and three daughters are always wanting to see what pictures I have taken. They are my fans (they may be my only fans even with this website, lol) and they are always encouraging me to take pictures. I also need to take more pictures in order to get better at this art form.

I have spoken in the past about the money we invest in photographic equipment, about photography vacations and about the value of doing workshops and seminars. This week I am going to add one other thing to that list of important things we need to do as photographers. Staying motivated. When we don’t have workshops or seminars to attend, when we don’t have others around who we take photos with, we still need to go out and bring our cameras. There are a few of reasons why.

The first I have already mentioned, it is how we get better. No matter what you are involved in you always here that practice makes perfect (or practice makes better at least). Photography is no different, you need to practice the craft. The more you practice and experiment the better you become.

The second was also mentioned. There is someone who is always looking at your work. They have taken an interest in your hobby. They may have only done it because they see the joy it gives you. They may look and encourage because they know it gets you out and they think you need more of that. They may do it only because they see how relaxed your photography hobby makes you or they may just do it because they care about you and want to show you some encouragement. The reason doesn’t matter, they are still your fans and they still want to see the beautiful pictures you take. Maybe, and for some strange reason you are reading this, you are actually a pro photographer and you actually have fans that only know you for your work. Those fans also watch for new work that you do.

The third may be the fact that we just need to get out and mingle with nature. We get are minds off the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. We get to relax and get our heads on straight as they say. When I am out taking landscape/nature photos all other thoughts and problems seem to melt away. I get to sit and watch a beautiful scene unfold in front of me. My mind and camera focused only on capturing the beauty of nature in front of me. All my troubles are gone and I feel much better about them when they come back into view.

So, I would like to encourage you to find some reason to get out a shoot, to push the shutter button as often as you can. I think you will find that your entire life may benefit just from that time you spend removed for daily life and relaxing with your camera and mother nature. Find what motivates you, even if it is just to keep your sanity, and follow it. Once it gets you outside you will be better off, I promise. Oh yeah, when you do get out make sure you let your fans see what you have done. The excitement and encouragement they show is sometimes all the motivation we need. You can send me some of your work as well, I am sure it is great. Happy shooting.


Written by leesacrey

October 25, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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