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Those special moments.

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This picture was taken at Shannon Falls in Squamish, British Columbia. After about 40 minutes of driving from West Vancouver you come to Squamish. You have to drive the Sea to Sky Highway, one of the prettiest drives in all of Canada. If you get the opportunity try it you will not be disappointed.

Those special moments.

Please bear with me, I will get to the point but, I need to give you some preamble. This past week was extremely busy. Tuesday morning I was up at 4:30 am to get to the Airport for my flight to Vancouver. Land in Vancouver, pick-up the car rental, get downtown to the Hotel (can’t check in until 3:00 pm), get lunch, take Kyla shopping, get back to the Hotel for 3:00 pm, check in, get to Burnaby to pick-up a friend for dinner, drive to Abbotsford (that is where he wanted to have dinner) and get back to the Hotel for the night. Wednesday was much the same. Get up, go have breakfast, take Kyla shopping again, drive the Sea to Sky Highway to Squamish, drive back, drop stuff at the Hotel, go to BC Place for the concert and back to the Hotel for some shut-eye. Thursday, get up at 6:15 am get everything in the rental car, check out, drive to the Airport, fly to Yellowknife, get home to drop off the bags, go to the H1N1 clinic for shots and finally home for a rest. Friday, get up, go to the office, review what happened that week, plan out things for the day, do payroll, get to the bank, get to the Airport to pick-up photographers, get them home to unload bags, get lunch, plan for Saturday’s field workshop, have dinner and watch a movie with the girls. Saturday, get up, meet workshop attendees at Tim Horton’s, do the sunrise part of the shoot, break for coffee, change locations, do the morning second session, break for lunch, do the afternoon session, break for dinner, pick up Kyla from work, pick up some flash lights, pick up an extra tripod, go do the evening session of he workshop, come home and unload camera gear, watch a movie with the girls, and finally to bed. Sunday, write my blog article and then we will see what happens.

Ok you made it through the preamble, thanks for hanging in here. So what does this have to do with my blog article and title. Well, the first paragraph is a typical few days for me. It may be different events but, each and every week seems that busy. This past week was no different but, even at this point in life there are special moments I have learned from. What really got my attention was Kyla. Kyla recently started working her first job. She is working at a local clothing store. When I would take here shopping in Vancouver, she would constantly say “I like that but, I can save some money if I wait and get it at work”. I heard that about 15 times. I could see the young lady she had become over the few days we were traveling by ourselves. My little girl was growing up and she was showing me this on our trip. It was great to see.

There was one part of our trip that I really enjoyed. The drive to Squamish, BC. This drive was for me; I wanted to drive the Sea to Sky and photograph one of Canada’s best drives. I didn’t think Kyla was that interested but, as we got near Squamish we stopped at Shannon Falls. We went to see the falls with cameras in hand. I began to do my usual – photographing the moving water thing, Kyla tagging along. After about 10 minutes of  my picture taken, I turned around and couldn’t see Kyla anywhere. I quickly scan the area and nothing. I called out and she pops into view from behind a Cedar tree. “I am just over here taking some pictures” she says. I became very interested. She quickly came over to me and proudly started to show me what she had captured. I was amazed. Here we were near these beautiful waterfalls, near this beautiful stream and Kyla has found things to photograph, things that I didn’t even see. For the rest of our stop I wandered around near her, still taking the pictures I wanted, while watching what she was doing – looking at the things she was seeing, looking at how she seen them, looking somewhat amazed at the beauty in her vision of the area around us, wondering when she learned to see those details. As her father I couldn’t have been more proud. I claim to be a pretty good amateur photographer and here I was watching my little girl develop a vision all here own. I often comment how I wonder about the girls putting up with my photography habit and here in front of me is one of those girls, not only putting up with my habit but, developing a different style than me, seeing a scene differently than me, and certainly taking different photographs than me. My others girls go with me quite often as well but, up until now I haven’t witness how grown up they are, how patient they are while out putting up with their dad and his camera. So even with this not being a photography topic, photography made me see what was right there in front of me. Photography can sure help us see those special moments. So my advice this week is – to take your family with you when you photograph, you may see more than just something to take pictures of.  Thanks for reading.


Written by leesacrey

November 1, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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