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When it comes to Photography, are you passionate or a know it all?

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Thursday, November 12, 2009. A great night of photography was waiting to be had by the passionate photography and like normal, my wife, Dale noticed it first and encouraged me to take advantage of what was right in front of me. Someday I will learn to do this stuff all by myself, lol. This is a photo from that night. Enjoy.

When it comes to Photography, are you passionate or a know it all?

Wow, what a week it has been. Great weather in the north, my first family portrait session and last Sunday I wrote my first review. But, before this week arrived there was a past and let me jump back in time to October 31, 2009. That day there was an in the field workshop with two pro photographers, with another in attendance and five amateurs, myself included. It was a great day. The pros wanted six photos from each attendee to post on their blog and they would also critique them for us. It was a new process for most of us and I will say that I learned a lot from the event and what followed. However, there was one interesting item that really caught me off guard. One person posted a comment on the blog and it basically said that none of the pictures posted where worth keeping. It actually read worse than I am saying but, I think you get the point. A lot of comments followed and it appeared that a great deal of readers were unhappy with how it was done and they let the poster know how they felt. So lets move forward, last Sunday I posted my first ever review and to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. I don’t think it was a great review but, I was happy with how it went for me. I received only one e-mail about it and it was from a close friend. While I was writing my review I though about an up coming review on a different camera that a friend of mine was writing. I wanted to see it because he is a true pro and a very well-respected photographer. I wanted to learn from his review and compare what I had done to what he would do. For my review, I compared the test camera to my existing one. I tried to report on how the controls compared and the how the performance compared. I got a lot out of the process, the problem is that I don’t think it was of much help to others. I was happy none the less. The review from my friend however, brought reviewing to a whole new level. I had about 3 1/2 pages of text and what would be about 2 pages of photos. His review was like 21 pages. It was a great review. There was one similarity between the two reviews and that was, I had done my review based on how I use my camera to take my pictures. My friend did the same but, with much better detail and much more useful information. That I believe is where the similarities ended.

This gets me to this weeks title. After my friends review was posted for the world to see the flood gates opened. Last time I check there were 157 comments posted on his blog and several more on sites that linked his review. I am use to hearing about and seeing brand loyalty but, this was a whole new level of defending your brand. Even more interesting is that my friend uses the brand he was reviewing. Because the review didn’t report favorably towards the camera in question, most of the comments were about what must be wrong with the reviewer. His testing was wrong, his lens choice was wrong, his aperture setting was wrong and on and on the comments went. A lot of the comments were about how stupid he must be, some said he was a moron, another said he was a joker and some even questioned his ability to even review a camera. So let me try and answer some of those thoughts. Here is a well-respected photographer, who has more than a dozen books to his credit, who does dozen of workshops each year and was chosen by the British Journal of Photography as the “Travel Photographer of the Year” in 2008. A Photographer who shares his wealth of knowledge with others, others who are trying to learn the craft, trying to improve their ability and knowledge. He selflessly gives to those people. Sure, you could comment that he does so for a price but, so what. He has to live just like everyone else. Do any of us go to work for free? I don’t think so. My friend tested the camera the way he uses his own cameras. He tested it on the same type of pictures he always takes, the type of pictures he is known for. Once complete he reported his findings truthfully and honestly. He didn’t try and twist the results to defend the brand he uses, he didn’t hide the facts of his test. He was clear, in how he conducted the test and clear on what type of things he photographed. I see nothing wrong with what was done. It is ok not to agree with the results. It is ok to think the camera tested is still great. You don’t have to agree. To attack someone for being truthful and honest doesn’t show that you are passionate about photography, it just shows that you are a know it all or to use your own words a moronic joker.

I guess it shows where we are, where we have evolved as a society, it is not pretty people. I was hurt and disappointed not some much for my friend, as his work will speak volumes long after these comments are forgotten, but for the people making the comments. I did hear someone say today, that it is not always popular to tell the truth but, those who do it should stand strong as they will be rewarded. So my friend, stand strong there will be great rewards coming to you for your honesty and character. All of those who have commented could learn so much from you, if they could just see the forest beyond the trees. As for those defending the brand, passion for the brand doesn’t mean passion for the craft and we can tell from your remarks where you stand.


Written by leesacrey

November 15, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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