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When are you good enough?

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Of all the photographs I had taken this week, this one appears to be everyone’s favorite. Four people sent an e-mail telling me this was the one they liked, and four people are a lot of visitors to my site, lol. Due to this weeks topic I thought I would include some of my favorite pictures. I think they are good enough.

When are you good enough?

Over the past few weeks there has been some talk about having a gathering of friends and acquaintances to display some of my photographs. I also started to put together a small book of landscapes to give to family. I am struggling with the process and here is why – when do you know your work is of high enough quality to display to the world? I have lots of support for my photography. Family and friends are always commenting on how good my pictures are and they are always encouraging me to continue taking more but, they are family and friends they are suppose to tell me my work is good. How do you really know the quality of your work is good enough? Recently, someone commented on there being no “keepers” in some photos I submitted for critique but, I was sure that the photos weren’t as bad as suggested. Sure they could have been better but, that is what the critiquing was going to do, help me become better. So again, the process is a little foggy. On one hand you can’t be sure people close to you are unbiased in their view, and on the other you know your work isn’t as bad as some others think.

Photography is a form of expression. You are expressing what you see, how it makes you feel or maybe just taking photos of people or an event for others. Either way you are expressing something about what you shoot. So in reality, the only critic you need to have like your work is you. If you are happy with what you have done and it conveys what you wanted it to, then it makes no real difference what others think. I believe we always want others to like what we do and we are always aiming to impress that person. Photography is your art. It is your work done the way you want. The biggest problem is not being scared of what others think and that is a hard to overcome. I know, I still fight that feeling of fear every time I posted new photos on the web. It does get a little easier each time but, I fight the fight no less. As I take more and more pictures, I learn what I like and over time I tend to like a greater number of my photos each time I go out and shoot.

So to answer the title question – When are you good enough? When you feel you are. Confidence is key. Be confident in your abilities and others will be able to see the passion you have for your work. When others get the feeling that you are happy with your work and confident you have done well, they to will start to enjoy your art too. So be proud of your abilities and don’t let anything hold you back. After all you can’t get better at something by hiding your work away. You get better by showing what you do and doing more of it. With that said, I better finishing planning the show, after all some of this work must be good enough.

Until next week, happy shooting.

Written by leesacrey

November 22, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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