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The simple things.

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This photograph is from the trip I had taken to Gameti, NWT. It has grown on me over time as at first I was unsure if it captured what I wanted it to. I like it more and more each time I see it. I really like how a polarizer allows us to look beneath the surface of the water. How did I ever taken pictures without a polarizer?

The simple things.

To those of you who read my blog and visit my site, I would like to thank you for your time and support. I started this little blog for me. I had no real thoughts on having readers follow my chatter but, some small and simple things have happened and I want to chat about them. Most of the time it doesn’t take a lot to make someone feel good about themselves or feel good about what they do and, quite often when you do those little things you do so without any expectations. You do it with no concerns about what thanks you might receive, you just do it because it is right and it is who you are. Well, I want to thank those who over the past few months have done more to help me than they know. So here goes.

First, there is Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou. They have been very encouraging to me ever since I first met them this year. This blog actually started with an article I had partly written and had told Darwin about. He told me to send in to a Canadian photography magazine to see if they would put it in one of their issues. They didn’t, but that was fine. I decide I would add a blog page to my site just for me to post things I want to say and that article was my first post. Darwin then commented on his blog about it and posted a link to it. Samantha has even edited one of the articles on my blog, sorry for putting you through that Samantha. I will try and be a better writer, lol. Again, thank you Darwin and Samantha you were and still are a great help to me.

The second simple thing, an e-mail from someone who was reading my blog, because of Darwin’s link. His name is Lars and he is from Sweden. I was shocked. I got an e-mail from a guy in Sweden about my little blog. This was very cool. Thanks Lars, your quick e-mail made the next few weeks articles more fun to write as I thought someone was going to read them. Again, even at my age it was a cool feeling.

Sherry Notley, a friend of mine, is constantly commenting to me about my pictures or blog. I always get several e-mails from her if I am not online to chat. Sherry has purchased a Nikon DSLR and is doing well with her new toy. Sherry and I spend a few hours a week chatting and joking about life in general but, she is always helping me grow an ego. Sherry is a great person and a great friend. Sherry, I can’t explain how much I appreciate your friendship and support you give me each time we talk. I really hope our families can see each other soon. We miss you here in Yellowknife.

Mike Pereira, an amateur photographer from Ontario, Canada. I have never met Mike but, we have now passed a few e-mails back and forth. Mike made reference to my October 25, 2009 blog article on his blog. He also sent me an e-mail discussing his thoughts on some comments about pictures a group (of which I was one of) had sent for critique. Someone had really said the photos were bad and was just not being that nice about the photos. Constructive criticism I can take but, this was a little rough. Mike, in his e-mail had commented on how off base the comments were and how well he thought I handled my comments and replies. Mike, your comments helped me a great deal and I thank you for them. I love the Waterloo Park photos by the way. My wife tells me the one of the old window is the best. I picked a different one so, of course she has to be wrong, lol.

This gets me to some support closer to my home. Karl Johnston, a photographer from Ft. Smith here in the Northwest Territories, also sends me the occasional e-mail. This past week, while getting ready to write his blog article, he sent me a message about my October 25 article (the same one Mike referenced). He commented on how it helped him get motivated to write his blog article. That little comment encourages me to continue moving forward. Thanks Karl, is it good to be king?

Dave Brosha, from right here in Yellowknife, I have only known you a few months and it has been a great few months. Dave and I talk quite often and Dave has been a big help to me. He must be getting use to me because, I no longer have to take my shoes off when I visit his studio, lol. Dave is always sending messages about my website and he usually knows what my blog article was about. So he either reads it when it is posted or just before I show up at his studio. I don’t really care which it is, all I know is he appears to read what I post. Dave thanks for your help and nice comments – you have done good-by me. Congrats to you, Erin and Little Luke on the arrival of Liam Aaron Brosha – when does he get his first camera?

Three others from Yellowknife, George Blandford, Garry Kelly and Hughie Graham. George has been a supportive friend (and business partner) for quite a while. He tells me regularly about what he feels about my photography and his opinion and comments are always encouraging. We often go out together to photograph and George has some nice shots of his own. George has done some work with tour companies here in the north. Recently when I was questioning my northern lights work, George brought me a book that one of the tour companies did on the lights. He said “have a look at this, I think you see how good your work is once compared to the published photos in this book”. When I gave him the book back this week he again state how he thought my work held up. Thanks George for your friendship and support. Garry is also a good friend (and a recent addition to the business partnership). Anytime Garry and I travel for work, Garry always makes sure my cameras are coming along. He usually ends up driving me around the communities we visit so I can take pictures of what I see. So my tour guide or my chauffeur, I guess we can call him. Garry has a very good eye for composing photographs. Each time we have travelled together he uses my back-up camera to take shots of his own and has some amazing pictures from those. Garry was there for the Wekweeti and Gameti trips and Garry was the person who drove out to the buffalo for the shoot there. We just have to get him to show some of that work. Hughie has been a friend of mine for a number of years and over this past year has been a good advisor. I often speak to Hughie about things I am considering and I usually get a push forward from him. I think his words are usually “Why not?”. He is right why not, what could be the worst that would happen. Thanks Hughie.

There of course is Loretta, my Mother, Mike, my Step-father, Linda, My favorite sister (I have only one by the way) and Michael, my brother-in-law. You guys are always sending me kind words and it is a good feeling to have a supportive family. By the way, I am not the best photographer there is but, thanks for trying to convince me otherwise. I don’t need to be the greatest – it is not why I do it. It is nice to hear sometimes though.

Finally, the important stuff (not that you guys I already mentioned aren’t). Dale, my wife, Kyla, Megan and Jenna, my three beautiful daughters. I can’t put on paper (or the web) what you mean to me. You are a gift. You allow me the freedom to spend hours upon hours taking photos and updating the web and of course writing the blog article each week. You are always getting me out with my camera and almost always you want to come along with those little point-n-shoot cameras. I am not always sure if you want to go or you just come along for me but, I love that you do and I have some of my greatest moments when you are there. There is no better feeling than that. Thanks you ladies, I love you.

So there, I am done, for now anyway. I am sure I will get help and encouragement in the future. I just really needed to thank those who made me feel good this week. Now if everyone just had some kind words for others, we could all feel as good as I do this week. The small and simple things can get you far. Thanks everyone.

If anyone wants to see the work of those I mentioned here are some links.







Enjoy, until next week.

Written by leesacrey

November 29, 2009 at 12:00 PM

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