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When are you good enough – revisited!

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Being here in the Northwest Territories gives me some great opportunities for photography. I arrived home from picking up the girls from school only to have 4 ptarmigan in the yard. I went inside grabbed my camera and followed them around the yard for 15 minutes. They gave me lots to shoot at. This is one of my favorites.

When are you good enough – Revisited!

Two weeks ago I wrote about knowing when you become good enough at photography to display you work. Well, I learned something about that over the past few weeks. A couple of events have got me thinking about where I am on this photography path.

First, I am a member of NPN (Nature Photographers Network) and posted my first photo on the site. The feedback has been mostly positive. Of course, my first post was a photo that several people have said may be the best one I have taken. I have since posted a few more on the site. I highly recommend it. The critiquing style there has been great and it has been a big help to my improvement as a photographer.

Second, this weekend I had a few people by the just hang out and socialize and while here I had a slide show DVD if my work playing and some prints for people to look at if they wanted. The eye opener came earlier then everyone’s arrival. For the slide show I had to pick 98 photos to display and I struggled to determine which ones to use. There were probably 20 that were shoe ins but, after that it became harder to decide. What I learned was that over time my work has gotten better and I have greater expectations of what my photos should look like.

So learning what makes a good photograph will help you know when you are ready to show your work. Here is where my next big learning curve comes in. Understanding composition is going to be a key moving forward. Knowing the right way to post-process is going to make a huge difference as well. I am starting to think that most of the basics I have down. Camera settings I don’t seem to be struggling with as much. Although there are still times when things just seem to go wrong or just not work the way I want.

However, you still need to get out there and shoot. Nothing can replace experience, you can read whatever you like but, without the hands on experience did you really learn anything. Also, you need to find a way of getting others to review your photos and give you sound advise on what things you can change to improve. After a few reviews you will start to gain knowledge you were unaware of before. It will become a big eye opener. After a few more photos taken, you will find that determining which of your photos are better than the others become much easier. This will help you be sure that you will be displaying your best.

You will like this new found knowledge. All of a sudden the photos you like will be better and better. You will start to keep less but, the ones you keep will be your exceptional work. Than all you need to do is share them with the world. So, get out there shoot, have some good discussion with other knowledgeable photographers and get ready to learn. Also, remember that the learning is always happening you should always have an open mind and there is always something new to discover no matter what level you are on.

Good luck and I look forward to see your photos. If you want send them to me and I can post some for you.

Until next time, happy shooting.

Written by leesacrey

December 7, 2009 at 11:21 PM

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