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It might get Photographic!

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This is a photo taken this fall while on the Ingraham Trail. It is of course, at the Cameron River, a favorite spot of mine. I have been there shooting 6 times so far in 2009. We will see what 2010 brings.

Another picture from earlier this year. This one taken in late October. It was taken near Squamish, BC while Kyla and I went to see U2 in Vancouver. It was a rainy, misty day (surprising for Vancouver, lol) and I love the way that the dampness brings out the colour in the rocks (the circular polarizer helped a little, lol).

It might get Photographic!

I had the pleasure of watching “It might get loud” this week. If you don’t know what that is let me tell you. “It might get loud” is a film about the electric guitar. A documentary done by the same person who did “An Inconvenient Truth”. There are three guitarist who star in the film, Jack White (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs), The Edge (U2), and James Patrick Page (Jimmy Page of The Yardbirds and of course Led Zeppelin). It was a fantastic film. It gave a little background of each guitarist and had filmed them all together talking about what each of them do. They would show each other how certain songs were played. Their passion for the guitar and guitar playing was easily seen. It was like watching three excited kids talk about something they all really liked. I also watched all the extra material that came on the DVD (it will be a Blu-ray disc when I buy my copy). There was an extra item showing an interview/press release at the Toronto film festival. Another great piece. The press got to ask questions of the three artist and on a couple of occasions there were some great responses from them. I found it very interesting when there was a discussion about playing and talking to Jimmy Page. He seemed very humble and very interested in what the other two would do. He certainly was more interested in the craft and learning what the others did than turn the whole event into the Jimmy Page show (which is go because I am a huge fan of The Edge). The experience got me thinking about what I like to do, photography.

I have the pleasure of knowing quite a few photographers, both amateur and professional. I always enjoy time conversing with them about photography. I have enjoyed the workshops I have organized and the time afterwards when I few of us would just go out and snap some pictures. We always are interested in what the other have taken and how they have taken the photos. The film reminded me of those times, Great times. There is another thing I was reminded of, it was how some very talented individuals seem to have a desire to not only share what they know but, they also go out of their way to encourage others to be better.

That humbleness seems to always catch me by surprise. I seem to expect that the well-known person would always be somewhat removed, not wanting to spend the time we regular folk would like to spend on things. Several times I have been surprised by how wrong that thought can sometimes be. It is that humbleness that I believe makes those individuals that much greater. They understand that sharing their knowledge doesn’t diminish what they do or reduce their ability nor does it help them gain new competitors. That sharing just grows the interest of others which will cause the people learning to consider those sharing to be that much greater. They even feel that there are things to be learned from those new to the craft. I am amazed each time I see these famous people light up like little kids when they are talk about the thing they are so passionate about. It makes me feel good to know those people are out there. When you meet them be sure to thank them for their vision and generosity to share and teach. Also, pass on the knowledge you have with others, you may find it to be your greatest reward.

As always happy shooting.


Written by leesacrey

December 27, 2009 at 6:41 PM

2 Responses

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  1. A very interesting critique on the documentary. I agree with you about how the humbleness of many performers can catch you off guard. I worked in the film industry for 30 years and had the pleasure and some times the misfortune of working with many famous people. I worked on the TV series ‘Pirates’ with Roger Daltry of the Who, who was the series star-narrator. The production company provided him with his own luxury trailer, yet he took his meals with the crew, and while not on set or not studying and rehearsing lines, spent his time with us lowly crew. One day while talking to him at lunch about celebrity, he commented that he hated being a celebrity and that it can really f**k up your head if you let it. He never considers himself a star and when he is working, he always considers himself a member of the crew who has a job to do, and there was no place for ego on the job. He was very comfortable being amongst us and made us comfortable being in his company, and was easy to talk to. Needless to say, I have a lot of respect for Roger Daltry.


    January 2, 2010 at 3:30 PM

  2. Great post Lee! I found similar things happening when I was in academia – there were those who wanted to elevate themselves and those who wanted to elevate the field. The former were always mainly interested in getting credit for their work and often were very private about their work until it was published.

    The latter however, were simply excited about their work and wanted to share it. They were collaborators; always willing to open their research to critique and happy to discuss it. For them it made both the process and the final paper significatly better – not just for themselves, but for the discipline overall.

    I am finding the same in photography. Those who collaborate and encourage others tend to be my favourite photographers – those whose work that elevates the field as a whole as opposed to just one person.

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your insights and vision!



    January 4, 2010 at 6:26 AM

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