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Kid’s say the darndest things!

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I have been asked recently, by a person from the southern United States, if there are ice roads here that are open to the public. My answer of course, was yes and we even have a small First Nations Community that in winter is around 11 km closer by road then it is in summer. This is a view, coming into Yellowknife, from that road. It was taken just after sunrise this morning. If you come for a visit while the road is open, I will make sure you get a ride on it.

Kid’s say the darndest things!

In the past I have written about “The simple things” and “Those special moments” and “Please, stay motivated you owe it to yourself and your fans”. This week I will touch a little on all three, I know your saying I am revisiting those topics to soon but, this is special so I have to do it. Over the past week or so Jenna, my youngest daughter who is 8 years old, had asked me to print some photographs for her. She knew I had some 4 x 6 photo paper and she really wanted some pictures. She didn’t say why she wanted them or what she had planned on doing with them. She just made it very clear that she wanted some. Last night I finally asked her if she wanted to sit down with me and print some. She did and came into my office a sat on a knee while we looked through a few hundred pictures. She didn’t have any photos in mind when she started but, when she saw one she liked she would just say “I want that one, I want that one, Yeah”. She would load the large format printer with this little paper and out comes her photograph. She had the same level of excitement for each one. Which was interesting, she didn’t pick photos because everyone liked them, she didn’t pick what she thought was my best work, she didn’t care what anyone else would think of them. All she knew was she liked them and that was all that matter. I felt good to spend the time with her, it felt good that it didn’t matter about the pictures (if the lighting was right, if the rule of thirds was followed or whatever) and the fact that she just lit up while we did the printing warmed me. It was funny to listen to her show her mom and sisters the photos. She said “Look at these, I have real photographer pictures”. Dale and I laughed but, that didn’t faze her she just kept showing them and spreading them out on the table. I laughed again, when say called a 600 – 700 lbs Grizzly a cute little cuddly teddy bear. I could have shown her the photographs I have, which were taken by other photographers (The real “real photographers”) but, I don’t think it would have made any difference. So, after being reminded by my wife about how much Jenna enjoys that kind of time with me, I decided I would take her out with me to shoot this mornings sunrise. Megan (the middle kid, lol) heard us and wanted to come along. We went out on a local ice road to shoot and were gone for an hour or so. The picture above is one of this mornings shots (there are others on the new stuff page of my website www.leesacreyphotography.com). Neither of them moved from their seat, they didn’t get out to take one picture. Maybe it was the -29 degree temperature (-37 with the wind chill) or maybe they had forgotten the real photographer comments from the night before, lol. All, I know is that when I got back in the truck they were wanting me to stop at a restaurant for breakfast. When I did they were out of their seats in seconds. They were excited to be having breakfast out with dad and it didn’t matter that dad was out to take pictures. They did make fun of my hat hair while we ate breakfast, I wonder did anyone else in the restaurant notice.  It was a fun weekend and just so you can see the interests of my 8-year-old here are the photos she picked. As always, happy shooting.


Written by leesacrey

January 10, 2010 at 9:58 PM

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