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Gear, What I have and what I use most often.

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Last night at around 12:30 am I decide to go out at take a few photos. The moon was full and bright and although they are very simple scenes the ones posted here I liked. I went out with limited camera gear, my Sony a700, two lens, a tripod and the wireless remote. That was it no bag with 60 lbs of gear, just throw some stuff on the seat and go photograph. The other interesting point is the amount of little given by the moon, it was a good night.

Gear, What I have and what I use most often.

Ok, I am a gear head. No matter what thing I am into I am always a gear head. My computers, my camera equipment, my car stuff and anything else I am into, I turn into a gear head. I have to know all the stats and numbers and piles of useless information. It is not just my stuff I seem to want to know about. All info related to the hobby. For example, I have a head full of Canon and Nikon camera stats but, I am a Minolta/Sony user. So, being a gear head I generally buy more and more equipment. So I thought I would talk about what I have and what I use most often for my photography. So here is my current list of camera gear;


  • Sony DSLR a700 with vertical grip
  • Sony DSLR a100 with DiCain vertical grip
  • Plus for the family there are 3 point and shoots
  • Panasonic video camera


  • Sony SAL 11 – 18 mm DT f4.5/f5.6 Wide Angle Zoom
  • Sony SAL 18 – 70 mm f3.5/5.6 Zoom
  • Sigma DC EX 18 – 50 mm f2.8 Zoom
  • Sony SAL 50 mm f1.4
  • Minolta 70 – 210 mm f4.0 Zoom
  • Sony SAL 75 – 300 mm f4.5/f5.6 Zoom

Tripods, Heads and mounts;

  • Giottos MTL9351B Professional Aluminum tripod
  • Giottos MTL3271B Professional Aluminum tripod
  • Giottos MH-7002 Ball Head
  • Giottos MH-7000 Ball Head
  • Giottos MH-652 Mount and quick release plate (2)
  • Giottos MH-658 Mount and MH-648 quick release
  • Giottos MH-680 L Bracket
  • Giottos FP-1021 optional tripod feet


  • Cokin Adaptor rings (4)
  • Cokin Adaptor ring caps (4)
  • Cokin P Filter holder
  • Cokin P164 Circular Polarizer
  • Cokin P154 ND8 (3 stop Neutral Density Filter)
  • Cokin P121 ND8 Gradual Grey (3 stop Grad Filter)
  • Cokin P121M MD4 Gradual Grey (2 stop Grad filter)
  • Cokin P121S ND8 Gradual Grey Soft (3 stop soft Grad Filter)
  • Cokin P123 B2 (2 stop Blue Grad Filter)
  • Cokin P173 Blue/Yellow Filter


  • Sony HVL-F36AM Flash


  • 7 Camera Memory Cards
  • 2 Camera and lens cleaning kits
  • 5 Camera Batteries
  • 2 Battery Charges
  • 4 AA rechargeable batteries and Charger for Flash
  • Holux GPS  Logger for geotagging
  • An Extra Camera Strap
  • Short Center Column for MTL9351B Tripod
  • 3 Battery and Memory card cases
  • All camera cables and manuals


  • Lowepro Compu Trakker AW Camera and Laptop Backpack
  • Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW Sling Bag
  • Lowepro TZ Top Loader Bag
  • Sigma Small Zoom Lens Bag
  • 2 Giottos Ball Mount Bags
  • Pelican 1600 Hard Case

So there it is my current list of gear. Of course this doesn’t include the computer equipment and printers I use or the extra monitor and 2 external hard drives and 3 16GB memory sticks.

All of that I can carry in the big backpack with the top loader and lens case attached to the waist band. There is a place to attach the tripods and even room for my MacBook Pro and an external 250 GB drive. I think it all weighs about 60 – 65 lbs. So do I carry all that gear? Usually not, if I am driving and have no distance to walk and shoot, I might carry it all in the truck but, If I have to walk I will plan carrying a small amount of gear.

Over the past few months I have formed a pattern of which equipment I take. Here is the usual list;

  • Sony DSLR a700 (and vertical grip) with Sigma 18 – 50 mm f2.8 Lens attached
  • Sony SAL 11 – 18 mm Lens
  • Minolta 70 – 210 mm f4.0 Lens
  • Giottos MTL3271B Tripod with MH-7000 and MH-658 attached.
  • Giottos MH-680 attached to the Camera.

I usually bring all my filters, along with the P Filter Holder but, I use 4 most often. The Circular polarizer, the 3 stop ND Filter, the P121M 2 stop ND Grad Filter and the P121S 3 stop soft ND Grad Filter.

So if you got through all of this so far I will now give you the point of this whole equipment listing exercise. Even though you have equipment or want equipment that you may not use regular it may still have a purpose. So get whatever equipment you want if it is in your budget but, know what each piece is for. Know what it does best and before you start carrying around 60 lbs of extra weight, you will be able to limit the trips to the chiropractor by only bringing what you really need or might need. In addition to the lighter load, know what each piece of equipment does well helps to make you a better photographer. You will get the best out of your gear and the result will be better pictures. Now, I have some more gear I am watching on eBay so I better run and make sure I got this new stuff I want. I am sure my wife and kids can carry some stuff in their backpacks.

For those of you who don’t use filters or would like more on what they offer photographers. I suggest you jump over to Darwin Wiggett’s Blog, he has a link to a podcast he did on filters. It is great stuff and a most for those wanting to gain a little more knowledge. Thanks for hanging in there and as always, Happy Shooting.

Here is the second post from last nights outing. Again a pretty simple scene but, I still enjoy it and had a fun time out trying to capture what the moonlite night offered.


Written by leesacrey

January 30, 2010 at 8:04 PM

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  1. I am getting a little jealous here man! That is an impressive collection. I always appreciate your posts that tackle a more practical subject (though, I definitely identify more with your philosophical leaings :)).

    Posts like this help me out a lot when I am looking at some of the practical aspects of my own work – like what piece of equipment should be next on the priority list, or what’s the best way to work on getting better at my image processing (per your post a few weeks back).

    Definitely loving your current “night sessions”. Keep it up and keep posting!



    February 2, 2010 at 1:32 PM

    • Hey Mike,

      It is always good to hear that this stuff I write helps others. I am still struggling to believe people actually read my stuff. I have enjoyed your blog as well and your comment here have been great. We may need to go shoot something together sometime. I am going back to the Community where I shot those cool night shots, stay tuned for the results.



      February 2, 2010 at 11:01 PM

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