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Peace River to Yellowknife – our final leg

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March 14, 15 – we leave Peace River, Alberta to start the final part of our return home. We where pretty late and didn’t leave until after 2 p.m.. We are ten hours from Yellowknife and I think the 6 a.m. sunrise trips have caught up to me (or maybe it is that I still managed to stay up until 1 a.m. each night). While drive we decide that we are not going to drive all the way today, so we decide High Level, Alberta will be the next stop. That will make for a short day as High Level is about three hours from Peace River. On the way we spot a coyote just wandering along the side of the highway. The girls want to see so we turn around and go back to where the coyote was spotted. He (or she) is still there. The coyote watches us for a few seconds and that picks up the pace and disappears into the frozen marsh. Camouflaged by the grass and bull rushes we want a few minutes and then move on. We stop at the new Best Western in High Level, it is only 5:20 p.m. We get dinner and the girls are off to the water park. It was a relaxing day and I think we needed it. The next morning we are back on the road and we know we are going to Yellowknife today. There was not a lot of stopping to take pictures but, there is one place I always stop to see when we are returning to the NWT. The Twin Falls Gorge is that place. Normally two big waterfalls awaits us but, we are in the NWT, the falls freeze in winter and I was interested to see them. I was amazed, they freeze upward. I guess as the water sprays it freezes and that builds and builds over time. What is usually a 30 ft water fall is now a 30 ft tower of ice which is above where the water falls. We stop there for an hour before moving on. The Mackenzie River ice crossing is in bad shape, five to 8 inches of water on each end with four or five inches of slush all the way across. We make it across fine and get back home by 7 p.m. (they close the ice crossing for maintenance the next morning). It was a good trip. Here are some shots of Alexander Falls in early march, I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

So there it is or there it was, our March Break 2010 trip. It was short but good. It is nice to break up the northern winter (although we had snow for 5 days on our trip, lol). If you have been following along, thanks for the company. I hope you enjoyed reading and looking as much as I did in snapping and writing. I will get back to regular type blog articles this week, I look forward to your continued visits. As always thanks for looking and Happy Shooting.

Written by leesacrey

March 17, 2010 at 8:49 PM

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  1. Very interesting pictures!.. Happy you had a good holiday, and very happy you made it home safely.


    March 18, 2010 at 11:12 AM

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