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How is your support team?

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Well, with almost two full weeks away from most of the regular things I do, I had a lot of time to think about things that usually don’t get enough attention. My health of course is one of those things but, my focus today is on others. My support team is what I am calling them today. Normally, I am taking my kids to school each week day and then to the office. From 8:30 am to around 5:00 – 5:30 pm I am at the office doing a multitude of things. My passion outside of that is, of course, is photography. So the work part is easy, I can communicate via iPhone, e-mail, texting or I can just pop in for a few minutes and see how things are going. There are two other partners and staff to keep things rolling along. The photography habit is a different story however. I don’t have assistants or staff. Someone doesn’t take pictures if I am away. No one writes a blog article each week in my absence. So you may say I am on my own when it comes to my picture-taking. Well I can tell you that the truth is somewhat different. As my passion for this craft grows, I find I miss it very quickly when I am away from it for even a few days. I always have a camera with me and as I say often there is always something to shoot. So these last couple of weeks were a little rough for me. It is not all bad however. I have been given the gift of a great family. My wife, Dale, and my three daughters, Kyla, Megan and Jenna, are always encouraging me to continue to photograph. They are always looking at the way the light falls on different things, how different scenes are unfolding before them and as they do they make a point to tell me what they see and what they would like to see photographed. They seem to have a passion for the art to support me in what I do, always finding a way to assist me, make me a better photographer (and Husband, father and man at the same time). While I have been home over the past four days, there has been lots of talk about what I can do for the next 6 weeks. How much I can carry? How much I can work? What foods I should eat? The list goes on and on. The discussion has been detailed when it comes to my photography. I have about seventy pounds of camera equipment, which all fits nicely in a backpack and a holster bag, that I can carry with me. I was told though that over the next two to six weeks I must limit my carrying to ten to fifteen pounds. That is going to suck. Well earlier this week I wanted to go through all my equipment, take a few pictures of it to post here on the blog but, I couldn’t carry the backpack around to do my task. Megan thought it was a good idea that she move my equipment around. Megan weighs about fifty-eight pounds but, had no problem moving that backpack to the locations I wanted. Once moved, Megan and Jenna unloaded and reloaded items from the bag, placing them where I wanted. Then when complete they quietly put everything back where it belonged, leaving me with no work to do. Once that was done I then went on a mission to find out what equipment I could carry safely. I searched the world-wide web for weights and quickly made a list. I converted everything from grams to pounds and was happy to have a list of items. Dale, who is always checking up on me, thought it was a good idea to double-check and actually got a scale and weighed the equipment to be sure. I was given her approval. That wasn’t enough, she wanted me to get outside after a few days of staying in the house. So she offered to drive me around. We went out and looked around town and even stopped to walk for a few minutes. After we returned I said we had seen some cool places to shoot and suggested we go again. Kyla, my oldest, said she would watch her sisters and Dale and I were off. Dale, to be safe, offered to carry some of my camera stuff and suggested a few shots. We were only gone about forty minutes but, it was great. Kyla, in addition to looking after the little ones, thought it would be cool to shoot inside and her and the dog gave me some much-needed inside photography time. Wow, all that was just yesterday, one day where my support team made sure I got whatever I wanted. This morning, Dale got the girls to school so I could sleep in. Once I was up, she made me a great breakfast and after said we should go for a short walk (another suggestion by the hospital). She waited for me to get ready and with camera in hand we were off. Another great thirty minutes and a good start to the day. Now I am going to sit for a while and heal. Something that should be easy to do with the support group I have. I love you ladies (Dale, Kyla, Megan and Jenna) you are the best. Thanks for reading and as always Happy Shooting.


Written by leesacrey

April 26, 2010 at 1:29 PM

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  1. Hear you loud and clear, sorry about your health lately I know exactly how frustrating it can be, especially after this whole season. My support system has been pretty steady…I found a lot of support from people I worked with previously who would find work for me to do, or order prints from me, or send people my way, or patiently wait for me to get back to photo again once the torn tendon healed.

    #1 would be family for putting up with me!
    heal quick lee..

    Karl Johnston

    April 26, 2010 at 11:24 PM

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