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My Recovery – April 29, 2010

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So here I am, day 4 of the daily posting during recovery plan. What have I learned in the past few days? Well the first thing is, that it is harder to post everyday than I thought it would be. The second is, arranging to shoot something each day is also hard. Third, if you just shoot each day without any pressure, the second thing gets easier. The final thing is to pay attention to what others have taught you and regardless of how good you think you are, try what you’re told and you may be surprised (check your ego at the door I guess). So, with that out-of-the-way, what did I shoot today? Well I tried to pay attention to light, not just available light but, other lighting sources as well. Another thing I tried to work on is getting to know my camera equipment.

Darwin Wiggett has said on a few occasions (where I was in attendance) that you need to know your equipment. He has said to take just one lens with you when you go out and get to know it. Shoot just with it and understand what it does well. He didn’t mean for you just to have one lens but, you need to be familiar with what each one does and how it works (basically what scenes it shoots well). I have also been out with both Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou and listened to them discuss the available lighting and how things were lit. I have also heard them speak about the different types of available light. It is a great topic and everyone should understand it.

Last night and today I considered both those topics as I shot. In the first couple of photos I used a small Mag Light to light the foreground. I was shooting at about 11:30 pm and left the shutter open for forty-five seconds to one minute and fifteen seconds. While it was open I painted the foreground with the flashlight. It is fun to do and it is something I have seen done in the past with Aurora shots. I have even used vehicle headlights to light a subject while shooting in the dark. Fun stuff. In the next few photos, I was looking for the different ways light affects what I see and what I shoot. I noticed how the colour of the birch bark seemed to be different depending on how the light hits it and also how shadows are created by the parts of the bark that are peeling off the tree. You can also see how the front of the trees were lit and the back were, of course, in the shade. Very cool stuff, don’t you think? In the last photo I considered not just the main subject but, also things around it. Mainly, while taking the bird house, I noticed the reflection of the birch tree in the window. I liked the effect so I tried to catch it. So when you go out to photograph, know and understand the light sources available to you. Know what front lit, back-lit and side lit are. Watch how light can change your subject, look at it from different angles to see the effect the change in light has. It is a good habit and it will make you see things much better. For today, my work on lighting is done. Let me move on.

As for getting to know my equipment, with the exception of the night landscapes, everything else was taken with my Konica Minolta 7D and my Sony SAL 50 mm f1.4. I love that lens but, it may be the least used of the six lenses I have. I love the KM 7D as well, I wonder if I sent it to Sony would they put an a700 sensor in it, lol. It is a fun camera and it looks sort of old school cool. It works like a charm, you can tell its age at times but, it is still fun to use. I picked these pieces because I need to know more about what I can use them for. The KM 7D is my back-up camera (along with my Sony a100) and I need to use it to keep my familiarity with its controls and features. The 50 mm f1.4 is a very nice tool and I don’t use it often enough so, getting familiar with it again is important (I bet if I shot a lot of studio photography I would use it regularly). The other thing I will note is how cool I think the KM 7D is with that little 50 mm mounted. I almost always have a vertical grip mounted but, lately I have removed it to lighten what I carry (besides with an L-bracket on the camera and shooting from a tripod my grip is not really needed). The camera with the 50 mm looks super cool to me. So cool in fact that I took a couple of shots of it to (just for fun I put them here).

Well, I guess I am done my chatter for another day. Remember to consider your lighting and what equipment works best in the situation your going to shoot and if you have a chance to do a workshop on these subjects, do it. I know Darwin and Samantha (along with John E. Marriott) have some great ones so, watch for them and if you are here in Yellowknife watch for Dave Brosha‘s possible May 2010 workshop, it will be great I am sure. As for me I am out and as I always say, thanks for visiting and Happy Shooting.


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April 30, 2010 at 10:10 AM

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