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My Recovery – April 30, 2010

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Day five of the post everyday plan has arrived and all is well. No big write-up today, no discussions of lighting or camera equipment, just pictures of things I saw. As some of you may know there are a couple of things I said I would post today. The first is another shot or two of the baby foxes. They were out again yesterday and I had to take a few more photos. Two of them are below. As for the strange other things I mentioned. Well, they are fences. I went for a short walk in the early evening and took pictures of some of the fences around the block. My favorite is the white fence on the retaining wall with Jenna (my youngest daughter) standing close by. I like the lines the fences provide and just for fun I snapped away. Five fence photos are posted. We had a great sunset last night so, I took a few snaps of it as well. In the first I like how the water reflects the colour of the sky. Two others round out my sunset photos from yesterday. So that is ten photos but, below those is the second part of the blog and I continue there;

There are a group of students (my oldest, Kyla, is part of the group) that are doing a war history course at St. Patrick’s High School. These students attend a class after regular school hours and have a lot of additional work added to their regular work load. They have responsibilities to be good students and citizens, placed on them by the course instructors. These students learn quite a bit about what soldiers do for us. It is great to see how involved they become and how much all this work means to them as they learn more and more. There is also a great deal of work done to have this course available for the students and the staff involved have gone out of their way the provide these students with this great learning opportunity. We (parents) thank them for the fantastic effort they put in. There are some big rewards for this hard work. This morning, all the students, along with the course instructor and some chaperones, boarded a plane to Europe. They are doing a tour of some Canadian Battle Fields and will be in Holland (The Netherlands) to help celebrate the 65th anniversary of the liberation that country. A nice bonus for a job well done but, the work isn’t over as some big assignments will be required at the end. Good job everyone enjoy your time and be safe. We can’t wait for your return.

Here are some sample photos for the airport this morning and as always thanks for reading and Happy Shooting.

Loralea Wark – Course Instructor

Alyx McLean – Student

Mike Huvenaars – Chaperon

Sabastien Remillard- Student

Kyla Sacrey – Student


Written by leesacrey

May 1, 2010 at 10:54 AM

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  1. Love those pictures lee… I got to see my girl going on her trip thats awesome! I was talking to her by fb.. a few nights before she left. mom

    loretta beck

    May 2, 2010 at 3:43 PM

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