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My Recovery – May 3, 2010

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Day 8 of the plan to post everyday. After what started out as a great beginning to spring, today the weather fell off the wagon. It was – 10 celsius, windy and snowing. The sky was overcast and all I could say was yuk! Remember, I always say “there is always something to shoot”. So, following that logic I was out for my walks as normal (although today with a little extra clothing) and took a few photos. I also took a quick drive to Long Lake (near the float plane area) and snapped a few pics there as well. Being overcast the sky isn’t it nice normal blue, it was more of a grayish white. On anything taken before sunset my focus was on the foreground. You see more of the shoreline stuff I have been shooting over the past few days. Rocks and ice are also becoming sort of a theme. Even with this change in the weather, tonight’s sunset was beautiful and I was out on the trail behind my house to catch some more sunset images (with the rocks and ice in the foreground as noted earlier). I even threw in a few of the walking trail to mix things up a bit, lol. That is how my day of shooting went. A total of about one hour of pictures taking, not a great deal of time but, anytime I spent with camera in hand helps me improve. Hopefully, you all think I am getting better as well (not just recovering). Thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Shooting.


Written by leesacrey

May 4, 2010 at 9:30 AM

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