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Amanda Mitchell Tyas and her amazing portraits!

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This is my first article on another photographer and I plan to do several others. What this article won’t show however are photos from that photographer. Instead, I would like all readers to click the links and check out the amazing work of others from their websites.

So, here goes – Amanda Mitchell Tyas; I have never met Amanda, I know both her parents and have for quite a long time (although due to where we live it has been years since I have seen them). I saw that her Mother was a fan of Tyas Photography on Facebook and clicked the link to see what this photographer did and who it was. It was a great website visit. I am always amazed by peoples abilities to photography others. It is a talent that I struggle to get knowledge of. I have issues with portrait type photography the whole posing things just bugs me. Amanda, seems to have that ability and talent in bunches. I visit her site and blog often and I am continuously amazed at her work, it is simply inspiring to me. Even just reading Amanda’s blog and listen to what she is saying there, what services she provides and how willing she is to share her gift with others. It is amazing the generosity she brings to her world of photography. A simply inspiring young woman, an amazing talent and certainly someone to watch in the world of portrait photography. Be sure to read her blog post called “Thoughts Outloud and Unanswered Questions” great stuff. I know her parents are just beaming with pride and they should be. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area and are in need of a Photographer then I would suggest you click on Tyas Photography’s contact link. You won’t be disappointed. Well as for me, I am always trying to improve my photography skills and taking pictures of things or doing types of photography you don’t normally practice is a great way to get better at this craft. So with help from Amanda’s website and with the lighting things I learned from the Dave Brosha’s workshop, I went out yesterday and today with my three daughters, back to the tunnel by our local Co-op store and on the walking trail behind my house to work on some portraits. Here is a sample of what I did. So in closing today, I will send out a big thank you to Amanda Mitchell Tyas. Amanda you do great work, it is inspiring and I am sure it means so much, to those you photograph, when you share your talent. Thank you and continue to do great things. As for those of you who are reading this, thanks again for visiting, check out Amanda’s work and, as always, Happy Shooting.

Jenna – In our backyard

Megan – on the Range Lake Trail

Kyla – capturing her younger sisters

Jenna – in the tunnel

Megan – on her way out back

Kyla – checking her pictures

Megan – in the Yard

and of course my girls wouldn’t be happy without Pooch Pics

so here is Bella.


Written by leesacrey

May 24, 2010 at 6:00 PM

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