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Samantha Chrysanthou – it’s in the details!

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Here is the second post of my series on other photographers. Just like the first, the photos posted here will be mine and I strongly encourage you to visit the link’s to Samantha’s site and blog.

What can I tell you about Samantha Chrysanthou? Samantha is a photographer from southern Alberta. She turned pro three or four years ago and what a great addition she is to the world of photography. Samantha has an amazing talent for composition. She seems to be able to look at a scene and instantly know how to frame it, which way to shoot it and how to capture it at it’s best. Amazing landscapes can be found on her website but, for me it is the “Intimate Details” that get my attention. I love how she captures things that I normally wouldn’t even stop to look at. I remember watching her photograph things at the Giant Mine site here in Yellowknife. She could see things that I previously ignored. How strange I thought it was that someone could spend so much time taking photos of old equipment, rust spots and fading paint. After seeing her photos, from that day, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of picture-taking. It was fun to watch her excitement when we drove into the area. I was so taken back by the whole event I wrote a blog article called “Photographers are strange”. Samantha also has a great understanding of light. Front lit, back-lit and side lit are terms I now think of almost every time I photograph and that is because of Samantha’s seminar on light and it’s effect on a scene. It was a great class Samantha, thank you for sharing your talent with all who attended. How long did Van Gogh learn his craft? How about Rembrandt and Monet? That I can’t answer but, watching Samantha capture a scene, looking at her work as a photographer tells me something about her. Samantha Chrysanthou is an Artist in the true sense of the word. She can take some simple thing, some small detail, a tree, a rust spot and even a wide sweeping landscape and turn it into an awe-inspiring piece of art and she does it with just a camera and lens. What a great talent and what a great person, I am glad I know her. Samantha, you show the world that to be a great photographer doesn’t take many years of work (although for some of us that helps), it doesn’t mean you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment (although that helps sometimes too). It does means, if you see and understand the simple things, if you learn to see the details around you and if you can use the gifts and talents you have and are not scared to share and help others you can be great. All those things Samantha has and great is a good way the describe her work, incredible is another. Hopeful we can all be great, great like Samantha, an incredible photographer, artist and person.

So, click the links check out Samantha’s site, check out her blog, look at when her next seminar might be. You will find a world of amazing images. Images that show the Artist that Samantha is. As for the intimate details, well I have tried to capture some of my own and ,with Samantha as the inspiration, here they are. Thanks for being here, enjoy your visit and like always Happy Shooting.


Written by leesacrey

May 26, 2010 at 7:56 PM

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  1. Great shots Lee! I know I have seen these before, but they continue to impress me. I love the DoF in #s 1 and 5. I also like the composition in #6. I am a big fan of Samantha’s work as well, so it’s great to read your profile of her work. Thanks!


    May 28, 2010 at 7:14 AM

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