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Here in the Great White North – Henry Busse & James Jerome

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I guess you could call this part three and four of my focus on other photographers. Recently inspired by two northern photographers, I decided to write a small post on being a photographer in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Before I get to that however, let me chat about the two photographers. Both are no longer living and I have never met them. Both lived and photographed in the Northwest Territories and both did it at a time when the technology wasn’t anywhere near where it is today. Their names are Henry Busse and James Jerome. Both photographers would shoot a wide range of subjects. Henry Busse was based in the Yellowknife Area while James was from Aklakvik (in the Gwich’in Region of the NWT). I have spent some time over the past week looking through their photos. Those photographs have provided me with some insight into the NWT’s past and Yellowknife’s past. As for the Yellowknife photos, I can actually go see some of the same locations and see the changes to our beautiful city over the last five decades. It is a great history lesson for me. It also tells me how important photographs become as a part of keeping our history. So, I suggest everyone go the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre’s website, there you will find the online exhibits for both Henry Busse and James Jerome. Look through the photos and let them take you back in time. It will be a well deserved trip for all.

As for life here today, well Yellowknife is a young small city that provides everything you could need. There are recreational facilities like no other city our size (a pool, curling club, 18 hole golf course (home of the midnight sun tournament), a multiplex arena with two ice surfaces (one olympic size and one NHL size a gymnastics area and a gym), another Community arena, multiple tennis & basketball courts, a racquet club, a shooting range and a soon to be completed field house for indoor soccer and things). There are some of the best places to eat in Canada here (imo). There are 10 schools (12 if you count the two in the outlining Aboriginal Communities) each with its own playground. There are four ball parks, hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails and of course there are always dog teams to pull you along. A Hospital and several medical and dental clinics. Several shopping and strip malls. I think I could go on forever, lol. As for what this area offers for the photographer. Well that list goes on and on also. Beautiful cityscapes, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife, shorelines, sunsets and sunrises, wilderness and of course, we are one of the best places on earth for Aurora photography. All that and I haven’t even mentioned the great boating and fishing we offer. So, with all that information, I am sure you want to come visit and photograph this great land and if you do let me know, I can put a great photography tour together for you as an individual or for a group. To show some of our great scenes I have added a few photos below. Some you may have seen before but, they show this great area that I currently call home. I look forward to seeing you all here, thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Shooting.

Yellowknife Skyline

The Old Vee Lake dock

Jenna on the Prospector’s Trail

Buffalo on Highway # 3

Cameron River during freeze up

Sunset on Range Lake

Willow Ptarmigan on the Yellowknife Highway

The Aurora above Latham Island and Back Bay


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  1. I love your enthusiasm for Yellowknife Lee! So many people go off in search of spectacular places elsewhere, and often neglect the amazing place they live in every day. Hopefully one day I can make it up there to see what you see 🙂


    June 10, 2010 at 11:53 AM

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