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Ben and Theresa – The Big Day

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of shooting Ben and Theresa’s Wedding. What a day it was. Today, I spent part of my day doing post-production work. I started with about 700 images, my final tally is about 270. Some are just random shots taken just to provide future memories and some are the usual wedding fair. It was a fun day and a fun photo shoot. Of course, Ben and Theresa can ham it up with the best of them and that made my job just a little easier. For those of you who are interested (and I guess if you’re here you’re interested), here are some samples. Congrats Ben and Theresa and all the best. For everyone else, thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Shooting.

Not all who attended appeared happy with the event.

Others were just a bit goofy.


… are good for something!

What just happened? Where am I?

The rice shower.

First Class travel only for this couple.

The Beauty of Reid Lake.

Can me smell the pretty flowers?

And they live happily ever after!

Written by leesacrey

June 20, 2010 at 9:58 PM

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