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Our Kakisa Weekend

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This weekend, my family and I decided to take our travel trailer to Lady Evelyn Falls Campground near Kakisa, Northwest Territories. We had never been to the campground before and we had never been to Kakisa before either. Although we drive out of Yellowknife a couple of times a year, we never drive the seven or eight kilometres to Lady Evelyn Falls so, this would be a chance for us to see something new – something just a few hours from home. It would also be a chance for me to get some photographs of the area. While there, it would also be a good time for me to take a quick drive to McNally Creek, another set of waterfalls that were there just waiting for me and my camera. While at Lady Evelyn Falls, I wanted to get an image from below the falls. There are lots of images from the two lookouts but, very few from below. I asked a campground employee if there was a trail to the bottom and I quickly received some directions and a hand drawn map. One interesting point, there was a place near one of the lookouts that had some rope tied to a tree and hanging over the small cliff to the bottom but, I need a much easier way down. I was sure my new map would be it. I will admit that my map did get me to the bottom of the falls but, the hike required scaling down the side of the embankment, through a small overgrown trail and right to the river’s edge. Unfortunately it didn’t get me to the area I needed to be to photograph the falls. That required about half a kilometre of bushwhacking through wet dripping trees, across a creek and around dozens of obstacles. Once I got through everything, I found myself in the right place, dripping wet, muddy but at the right location none the less. After taking the photos I wanted, I then had to consider finding a way back through the bush covered valley to the trail above. I considered what I had gone through to get to my ideal spot and started to consider the rope over the rock face to be an easier option to what I experienced already. So off I went to check it out. I climbed up a small slide area to the bottom of the rock face where the rope had been thrown. I didn’t think I was in any condition to make the climb but, it still seemed easier than my other options. I knew I wouldn’t get to the top with all my camera gear and a tripod so, I took off some gear and tied it to one of the smaller pieces of rope and proceeded to climb the rock wall. I did manage to get up (after a considerable effort) and proceeded to pull my equipment up without losing anything. I survived the ordeal. I kept three images from my little side trip and I can say it was worth it. However, if I had known what I would be up against, I would never have even attempted the trek. So there is some info about my families little weekend away. Enjoy the images and remember at least one of these you would never have gotten to see if I had any common sense at all. Thanks for hanging here and as always Happy Shooting.

Bison on Highway 3 near Fort Providence, NWT.

Lady Evelyn Falls from the first lookout.

A Rainbow at the bottom of Lady Evelyn Falls.

Lady Evelyn Falls at dusk from the second lookout.

McNally Creek Falls.

Ground Squirrel in the Lady Evelyn Falls Campground.


Written by leesacrey

August 23, 2010 at 10:33 PM

4 Responses

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  1. That rainbow shot is uberawesome, Mister, well worth the ordeal to go down there. Is that far from Yellowknife? I’d love to go there!


    August 23, 2010 at 11:57 PM

  2. Excellent Images Lee! The one Hendrik likes is great and I like the McNally Creek Falls one as well. Did you know, Joe McNally is doing a workshop in Calgary in November?


    August 27, 2010 at 11:17 PM

  3. The master of the waterfalls returns! These are awesome Lee. I love the comp and colour in #2, and the mood in #3 is just amazing. Such a beautiful contrast between the darker sky and the rainbow. Well done!


    September 2, 2010 at 6:10 AM

  4. Very nice!

    Molly Subramaniam

    September 6, 2010 at 11:37 PM

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