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Range Lake Trail, to Shell and back!

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It is not very often that I go out with just a camera and one lens in my hand. No filters, no tripod and no bag full of accessories, just a camera and a lens. No set-up time just point and shoot at what I see. Today, was one of the moments where I just aim and fire, no gadgets to get me more colour, no tripod for a long open shutter. I can only shoot what is there and I can only do it on the fly. It was kind of refreshing, no pressure for the perfect shot, just go out with the family and take some pictures while we walk. We left our house and walked the Range Lake Trail to the Shell Station. Got some water and a little snack and then we walked the road way back. As Dale and the Girls walk I just took a few photos. The Girls would stop anywhere I asked to let me take a picture or two before they were up and walking again in seconds. On the way back home we would walk by lost of house with multiple vehicles lined up out front. Thanksgiving dinners for family and friends we guessed. At one point I even took a few shoots of the cars parked on our street. It was a good walk and I may have needed it after the great Thanksgiving Dinner Dale prepared. Great times, great times. I thought I could share a few images from the walk, so here they are, enjoy and as always Happy Shooting.



Written by leesacrey

October 11, 2010 at 9:30 AM

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