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Giant Aurora – the season has begun.

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After a day at the office, Sushi for lunch and an evening run on the treadmill, I settled down to catch an episode of Top Gear. Before I knew it, it was 1:00 am. I went quietly upstairs and as I was getting ready for bed I looked out the window. What did I see but a bright green band of Aurora. I got dressed again and I go grab some camera gear. I go to my usual places, Vee Lake Road and the Public Boat launch near Giant Mine. I go out Vee Lake Road first and start shooting. On my very first image a SUV drives into my scene. Figures. At least I get some light trails. I took a few shots and as I was driving between locations I saw the green sky above the Giant Mine head frame. I wanted to try a get a shot. Of course, from the place I could see the best there were power poles and power lines everywhere but, I shot anyway. Finally I go to the Boat launch and the bright green starts to fade. Again, figures. It is one of my favorite place to shoot the Aurora so, I take a few photos. So, it is now 2:00 am, I have work in the morning and I didn’t get any great magical photo that will sell in the millions. I got a drive by SUV, some power lines and power poles and a not so bright sky above Back Bay. I did have a great time though, the air was cool and fresh. It was peaceful and quiet and I got to watch some early season Aurora dance above me. Not a bad night at all and although the images weren’t the greatest, here are a few for you to see. I am sure that there will be many more to come, for me the Aurora season has just begun. It is now 2:53 am and I may need a sleep before the office calls so, thanks for checking in and as alway Happy Shooting.


The Aurora and the Ford Escape.


Giant Aurora.


Back Bay Green.


Written by leesacrey

October 13, 2010 at 8:00 AM

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