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Live from Northern Canada – it’s Brrrrrrr!

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So, winter has officially arrived here in the NWT. Sure, we probably still have some warm days ahead but, with snow now on the ground and ice starting to form, winter has come to the Great White North. Tonight, I went out just before sunset and tried to capture the start of winter. I went to Vee Lake Road again (that seems to be a habit of late) and got a few images I like. On the way back to Highway 4, I stopped and took a photo of the Giant Mine head frame with the clouds turning an eerie colour pink in the sky above. I love that old head frame, it provides lots of different options when photographing. There are lights set-up for work being done at the Mine site and one of them gave me a great star burst type pattern in my image. I even got to play with light in some of the other shoots. I used the 4 driving lights on the front of my truck to light some of my scenes. The one of the two docks at Vee Lake I like as well, the two docks form lines leading your eye to the hill in the distance and with the ice forming cool patterns in the foreground it is a cool shot in my humble opinion. My favorite is still the old Giant Mine head frame. So here they are my first shots of the winter of 2010/2011. If you follow my blog you will surely see more as winter continues but, for now here is what I saw tonight. Thanks for dropping in and as always Happy Shooting.


Written by leesacrey

October 15, 2010 at 10:32 PM

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  1. Lee; i love # 1 i’d like a copy of that one.
    It looks so peaceful! Still good with the camera eh?

    loretta Beck

    October 16, 2010 at 10:31 AM

  2. Lee! It’s been ages since I had a chance to drop by your site. Man have you been busy – it took me two full lunch breaks to read all your recent updates 🙂

    Some amazing work these days! In particular I loved the road trip shots and the aurora shots as well. I also love this set. The colour is amazing! And I don’t think I have seen a more perfect starburst than on that last one. Cool stuff! Keep it up!! (oh, and keep warm!)


    October 19, 2010 at 9:49 AM

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