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Overflow of the Radiation Belt! – I think not.

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Aurora, a beautiful band of moving coloured light. There have been many theories about what the Northern Lights are and over time some of theories was dismissed. The title I used here was one such theory but, thanks to James Van Allen (1914 – 2006) is was proven incorrect. To be really honest, most nights when I am out photographing these amazing natural lights, I don’t know if I care what they are (I do care but I seem to forget that I do when I have camera in hand). I am just glad that where I live I can see them often, quite often. Now lets just see if we can make the -45 degree temperature go away. That was the windchill temperature last night as I stood on Great Slave Lake capturing the Aurora. It was a pretty go show. Here is how in looked over our City last night. I you want to see the Aurora for yourself, make sure you let me know your coming. It is always nice to have someone else freeze alongside me. Thanks or stopping by while on the journey across the world-wide web and as always Happy Shooting.



Written by leesacrey

March 1, 2011 at 12:00 PM

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