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Walsh Lake Aurora

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Here in Yellowknife Photographers have one big advantage over Photographers from other places. Yellowknife is one of the worlds best places to view the Aurora. Lately we have had almost nightly shows of the beautiful Northern Lights. They have been starting as soon as it is dark and have continued well past midnight (at least until I go home, lol). Last night was no exception, I looked out my back door, over Range Lake and there is the night sky were big sweeping bands of green Aurora. It was around 8:30 pm. Dale, the girls and I got ready and out we went. We picked Kyla up from work and headed to Walsh Lake for a light show. There were lots of people out with cameras and tripods. There was little or no wind so the temperature was survivable (although, I was the only one to actually get out of the vehicle). If you were one of the people out you got a great show and for those not from here or those who just stayed at home, here is a sample of what we saw. Enjoy, thanks for coming by and as always Happy Shooting.



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