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Skills Canada/NWT – The Silver Medal Winner in Photography is…

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Shania Miersch. Shania is a grade 10 student from Fort Resolution, NWT. Shania presented a great Portfolio for the Skills event. She had a theme which flowed really well. With her small Fujifilm point and shoot camera, Shania ventured out onto Great Slave Lake and photographed different ice patterns. She explained to me some of the things she saw in the patterns, things that I didn’t see at first. There were faces in the ice and snow which, once pointed out to me, told an interesting story through Shania’s art. Shania was very consistent in her theme and each page of her printed Portfolio had a slightly different picture placement. The Portfolio was made on large black sheets with a black coil binding. A soft blue coloured paper was then placed on the black sheets and on each page she placed a picture to reveal a different part of the soft blue paper (which had now become a border for each photo). With the ice patterns, the black and blue worked very well. It was very well done and I really liked that it was a print Portfolio and not an electronic one. Shania also seemed to have a consistent artistic vision when editing her images. I believe she use Adobe Photoshop CS4 filters to create a similar style on her images. During the day of the Skills event, Shania produced images that, again, revealed her artistic side. She had a unique way of removing some detail in the images only to give each image a different artwork feel but still allowing you to understand what she was seeing. Some of her images made you think about what you were looking at, the patterns were clear and pleasing with the exact subject leaving you guessing. The patterned snow image here is such an example. The photo of another competitor shows a unique use of colour (the edit made the sky, the blue jacket and a part of the sign the same shade of blue which tied the image together from top to bottom). Finally the Ice pattern from her Portfolio (which I scanned a copy of to place here). What you see is the side edge of some broken lake surface ice. It is about 6 to 8 inches thick with no water underneath, you just see sand and more ice. I think it is quite abstract. Shania has a good eye and an artistic style all her own. I hope you enjoy her images. Thanks for following the blog and as always, Happy Shooting.

Written by leesacrey

March 9, 2011 at 9:42 PM

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  1. HEEY Shania nikki here WOAH ur good hahah hope u go far!

    Nikki Dochuk

    March 15, 2011 at 5:13 PM

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