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Skills Canada/NWT Territorial Competition – Cydney Nahanni-Kwasney

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On April 19, 2011, Skills Canada/NWT held its Territorial Competition. Photography was one of the skills they had included in the Competition. Once again, I was the Technical Director and, unlike last time, Daryl Benson would help me with judging and assisting the competitors. It was a long and event filled day. The competitors were all great and we couldn’t ask for a closer competition. When the judging was finally finished, Daryl had a tie for first and there was only one point separating them from the next competitor. I had a tie for second with only one point less for the competitor just below them. Needless to say the competition was a close one. I told the competitors I would do a blog post for each of them just like I had done for the regional competition a month earlier.

So, let’s get started. Please note that these posts will not be done in any placement order (with exception of the Medal placements Competitors).

Cydney Nahanni-Kwasney, is a young lady from Fort Simpson, NT. Below you will see her working on her images along with three of her images that I chose to display. She was a great competitor. I hope you enjoy her work.


Written by leesacrey

April 25, 2011 at 7:00 AM

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