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Skills Canada/NWT Territorial Competition – Silver Medal, Theresa Johnson.

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Theresa Johnson the Silver Medal Winner. Ok, to start I learned quickly to call Theresa by the name Tess. I actually thought there were two Competitors, one named Theresa and another named Tess. Of course, there was only one Theresa aka Tess. What a day of ups and downs Tess had. At first she seemed fine with the time we had provided to complete the competition. With about an hour to go we extended the deadline by half an hour to make sure everyone would be able to finish. Tess quickly commented that she didn’t need to rush with the new deadline change. Then, with about ten minutes to go she accidentally lost her edited image files. She tried hard to recover them but, nothing seemed to work. To make things worse the IT people were now starting to remove the computers the competitors had been using. One of those IT people provided some help and two files were quickly recovered. Tess thought that with the help provided she would easily recover the remaining three but, things didn’t go well and the remaining images appeared to be lost. The stress of losing the entire days work quickly set in. Just when all appeared to be lost the IT Hero was back to help and the files were found. We were quickly losing judging time and that certainly wasn’t helping the situation. With the files in hand the judging began and we were pleasantly surprised when we start going through the images. Tess had, like some of the others, a model waiting in the wings. They quickly found an area in town to go to work. The area had some old cars which had been sitting and rusting. The colours were great and the textures they provided may have looked even better then the colours. Tess used that colour and texture in different ways. She would remove the colour in some areas and in others bring the colour out. In some images she would even change the colours to get us thinking even more. We could see the “Artist Tess” in the work we were seeing. Great stuff, Great Stuff. I am sure that Tess must have thought all was lost with the pressure of the final events of the competition still on her mind. However, when her name was called as the Silver Medal winner. A small scream was heard and when she arrived at the podium she was met by Samantha Hefford (the Bronze Medal winner) and the two of them just jump around for a few seconds. It sure seemed the pressure had been remove and was quickly replaced with a much happier feeling. Here is a sample of Tess’ work, I hope you enjoy it.

Tess Johnson at work.


Written by leesacrey

April 30, 2011 at 7:30 AM

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