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Skills Canada/NWT Territorial Competition – The Gold Medal, Alexandra Turner-Davis.

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Alexandra seemed to be the quiet young lady sitting in the corner. We didn’t hear much from her though out the day. She was working away taking and editing her images. As Daryl and I walk around and watched what the competitors were doing, we were taken back by what we were seeing on Alexandra computer screen. Even the Skills hired event Photographer commented to me about what he was seeing (he comment on several other competitor’s work as well as he wished us luck with the judging, I could tell we had work to do). I guess I should have assumed the quiet one was the one to watch but, I didn’t seem to even consider what was coming. When the judging started, I quickly was surprised by what was in front of me. Alexandra’s images were fantastic. We now had a problem, we had seven competitors and they all wanted to win. Daryl and I looked through each competitor’s images twice, the first was to just get familiar with what each had done and the second to actually score the images. We looked at the images together but, kept our scores from each other until we had completed all the scoring. Once we were done it was easy to see how close this was going to be. I had Alexandra in first with Tess Johnson and Samantha Hefford in a tie. Hanna Wilson was only point back on my paper. Daryl had a tie between Alexandra and Tess with Samantha one point back and Hanna a point behind Samantha. A six point spread from first to fourth and only a twenty point spread for all competitors, this was starting to hurt my little brain, lol. When we combined the scores we came up with the medal order shown here on the blog. It was a great day and it was pretty rewarding when the images were reviewed. The fun wasn’t over just yet. Here is the scene I got to see; the Silver Medal had just been awarded. Tess and Samantha just finished their great celebration and the Gold Medal winner is being announced. Alexandra’s name is called and it seemed as if the entire room cheers. You need to understand that all the winners (from all the other competitions) got cheers but, it seemed that the Photography Competition would take the cheering prize (if there was such a prize). I guess everyone in attendance knew something I didn’t, they seemed to expect that quiet girl in the corner was bringing her skill to this event. After everything was done the Medal ceremony made my day and it was worth the time that I spent at the competition. What a great day and what a great Gold Medal winner, Alexandra did a fantastic job. Here is some of her work, enjoy it, I certainly did. I can’t wait for next year.


Written by leesacrey

May 1, 2011 at 7:30 AM

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  1. WTG, Alexandra! Those are absolutely fantastic shots. #impressed.

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