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Back to the Legislative Assembly!

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Yesterday, the family and I were back at the Legislative Assembly parking lot for more bike riding, walking and photography. The usual subject matter was ready and available, a muskrat, a variety of ducks, ravens, gulls, an arctic turn and the girls with their bikes (as usual). I brought 2 cameras and a few lenses and walked around the area with Dale and Bella the dog. 238 pictures were taken during our visit, 161 of them were mine and of those I kept about 18 images. The remaining 77 photos were Dale’s and Megan’s. Not everything went well, two of my hot shoe camera levels seemed to get lost. I had a good idea were one of them would be but, the second one (a small black square with a half centimetre level in the center) I thought would be lost forever. Not being concerned with time and still happy to just walk and take in the things around us, we decide to see if we could find them both. I quickly found the larger one, right where I thought it would be. Dale went looking for the other. She took Bella and followed the route we walked earlier. She got to a place where she had previously stopped and like the first time Bella decide it was a good time to act out. Dale quickly get her attention and get her back under control. Dale noticed Bella was stiffing at something on the ground and looked to see what it was. It was the second small camera level. I was shocked that they had found it and I am not sure who to credit with the find, Dale or Bella. It was another great afternoon, here is a sample of what I saw. Enjoy, thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Shooting.

















Written by leesacrey

May 30, 2011 at 7:30 AM

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