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The Things we can see from our own Backyards!

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Sunday night I had decided to once again visit the area around the NWT Legislative Assembly. It was late so I would be going by myself, the girls were already in bed and sleeping. I then realized that at times I am kind of lazy, lol. So, being in a lazy mood I changed my mind and would stay close to home. I took one camera and one lens, mounted those to a tripod and wandered into my backyard. I am lucky and have green space behind my house and through that green space runs part of our cities walking trail system. I travelled not more than 300 yards from my backdoor. It was a beautiful evening and despite it being around 11:00 pm it was still quite light outside. I was gone about 40 minutes and captured a few images of what I was seeing before me. As I walked the trail with the sun setting to my left, I noticed how nice the trees looked while being side lit by the setting sun. There were a few ducks swimming near by and they quacked to make note of my arrival (at least I think that is why). A squirrel walked right in front of me, stopped and stared me down for a few seconds before continuing on his way. It was a great trip regardless of its shortness. I enjoyed my laziness once again. Below are a few photos from my 300 yard trip, enjoy, thanks for looking and as always Happy Shooting.








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  1. Those pics are beautiful!

    loretta Beck

    May 31, 2011 at 11:45 AM

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