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Our Trip Continues – Part 3

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After Louise Falls, we plan to stop in Grande Prairie, Alberta. We stop in High Level to meet my sister for lunch and then back on the road. We get to Grimshaw and it begins to rain. It rains from Grimshaw all the way to GP. It rains to entire time we are in GP (so, no images from there). We have dinner with family that night and the next morning we are off again. As we are traveling through Jasper National Park, we have to brake and allow some wildlife cross the Highway. It is an Elk Buck. He crosses and stays so close to the truck that I can’t get a good shot (I of course have my 120 – 400 mounted for shooting wildlife which are farther away). Dale could have easily touch him from her side of the truck and even with a 70 – 200mm lens mounted Dale manages to get an image. It was very cool to watch the Elk that close. We continue our drive. We are hoping to get to Clearwater, BC by dinner time but, as we get to BC Highway 5 south we get stopped and are told that due to a hazardous materials spill we will have to stop in Valemount. Not what we wanted but, still a great stop. I, of course, got some images from Valemount. Here is what we saw, enjoy and stay tuned for more news from our travels. Thanks for following along and as always Happy Shooting;

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  1. Really like drama in this B&W image

    Daryl Benson

    August 28, 2011 at 4:18 PM

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