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Our Trip continues – Part 4 – Clearwater, BC

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Finally BC Highway 5 south is open and we make it to Clearwater. Yes, we are a day late and that did cut into my time in Wells Grey Park but, we made it. We get set up, the girls go to the pool and later we drive into the park. We go to Spahats Falls and hike the short trail there. We get some great shots. Afterward, we continue into the park and discuss all the bear signs we see. I have plans to come back into the park alone in the morning and the ladies think in is a bad idea. Traveling back from the park to our RV site we see two bears, that isn’t going to help my case of an early morning trip, lol. We, of course, get some shots of the bears. Everyone is pretty excited about the bear sightings. Rain starts to fall once again and we pick-up dinner and call it a day. Here is a sample of what we saw. Enjoy, thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Shooting.

Dale’s Images;

Kyla’s images;


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