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More images from the road – our trip continues – Part 23

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Well to start today I should thank all of you for following us on our three-week journey. You may not be aware of this but, we actually arrived home on August 1. This series of posts didn’t start until about a week into our trip therefore is continuing even after our return. There is a reason for me bring this up now, I am taking this little break in the regular chatter about the trip because for me our trip takes a be turn here. We have reached Jasper, Alberta and for me the next three and one half days should be worth the entire trip. Jasper offers so many photographic subjects that every person into photography should go there at least once. I also think so of my favorite images from this trip were taken here.

We are staying 16.5 km south of Jasper on Highway 93A (in the Wabasso Campground). We are actually about half way between Jasper and Athabasca Falls. Once we arrive and get our RV set-up, we head into town and make some plans for the next few days. The Jasper Tramway, Maligne Lake Boat Tour and White Water Rafting on the Athabasca River seem to be the must do items. These are the attractions that we will get a tour company to assist us with. Wildlife viewing, Mt Edith Cavell, Patricia Lake, Pyramid Lake and Pyramid Mountain are thing we will do on our own. Plans are made and we head back to crash for the night. The next morning we head back to Jasper and Maligne Lake Tours puts the whole package together. White Water Rafting one morning with the Tramway done later that day. Maligne Lake Boat Tour gets it own day as we will drive to Maligne Lake on our own so we can make as many stops as we like for wildlife and sight-seeing. During the booking Kyla and I decide to skip the rafting, as a family we talked and with everything we have planned photography time is getting short. The rafting trip is just over three hours and with it starting at 9:30 am by not going it would give Kyla and I some really good time (and light) to go photograph. So, it is decided, Dale, Megan and Jenna will get wet and cold, Kyla and I will stay warm and shoot things, lol. We drop the rafters off and at 9:15 am we head to Patricia Lake. There is still some low-lying cloud and mist along the mountains and the cloud cover seems to change every few minutes. We spend about 45 minutes there and then head to Pyramid Lake. We hike around the area and spend another hour and a half at Pyramid. we head back to the campground to get some things before we have to pick up the cold and wet people. What we didn’t realize was we would be seriously delayed. We actually spotted a Black Bear heading toward the campground. We grab the cameras and start shooting (Kyla won’t get out of the truck and walk up to the edge of the forest to get the good shots, it is just a Bear silly, lol). Watching the clock we decide we better move but, before we drive back to Jasper we run into the campground to give a heads up to the Parks Canada people about the Bear that is just 300 metres from the campgrounds D loop. We get about 150 feet the check in office and we see another Black Bear. Cameras out again and more images get made. I decide to get up on the embankment to get and closer view until I get interrupted by a Parks Officer who is not happy that I got that close (I am probable 250 feet away). I head back to the truck we tell them about both bears before drive back to Jasper, only twenty minutes late. Now we spend some time in town while waiting for the Tramway later in the day. Here is a sample of what I saw at Patricia and Pyramid Lakes. Don’t worry there a five more post just on the Jasper part of our trip. Enjoy, thanks for stopping by and as always Happy Shooting.








Written by leesacrey

August 7, 2011 at 9:00 AM

4 Responses

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  1. the last photo is probably my favorite. love the clouds and the foreground lighting


    August 7, 2011 at 9:21 AM

  2. Stunning…Simply stunning.


    August 7, 2011 at 2:52 PM

  3. The second last photo is my favourite!!!!

    loretta Beck

    August 11, 2011 at 12:39 PM

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