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More images from the road – our trip continues – Part 27

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Still in Jasper and having done most of the things we originally had planned, we do a few things with no plan at all. One of those was a quick drive up Mt. Edith Cavell. The newly paved road was great but, someone decided to run the asphalt to the very edge so you have no room for error. This is another of those mountain roads that at times you seem to pass the back of your own vehicle. The switchbacks are many and very tight (another nice road for my car). At the top are the entrances to the Tonquin Valley, the Edith Cavell Glacier Trail, the Edith Cavell Meadows Trail, Cavell Lake, Cavell Creek and the two glaciers (Cavell and Angel). It is amazing, you are at the top of Mt. Edith Cavell. If you walk the trail you can look across the few hundred feet to the snow-covered mountain top. It is well worth the drive. As with my Mt. Revelstoke drive, once at the top the sky opens and rain begins to fall. I do the same thing as before and decide to take a camera and walk. This time however, I had no rain jacket, no umbrella and I was wearing just a t-shirt (settle down I did have pants, lol). Dale and Megan decide to walk with me and we start. We walk the shortest trail to the glacier and take a few pics and head back around the other side of the trail. When we got back to the truck we are all soaked. It was a blast. We drive back down and play tourist for the rest of our day. We did see another black bear today and our bear sightings now total fourteen. We snap a few images of the bear before heading back to the RV for the night. Here is what we saw. Enjoy, thanks for hanging with us during our journey (only two post to go) and as always Happy Shooting.

Written by leesacrey

August 11, 2011 at 9:00 AM

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