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More images from the road – our trip continues – Part 29 (the final post)

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This is the day we leave Jasper. I would love to have another couple of days but, I have to get back, work is waiting. Today we plan to make it Dunvegan Provincial Park. It is about 90 km north of Grande Prairie on the Peace River. We get on the road at about 11:00 am. we are going to take Alberta Highway 40 north through Grande Cache and Grande Prairie and through the Wilmore Wilderness Area. It is always a great drive. Before we turn north we take a quick trip into Hinton for fuel and snacks. It is only about three of four kilometres off our route but, we still lost about 45 minutes. We leave and are behind schedule (I promised Kyla I would get her to Grande Prairie so she could get an iPad 2 before the store closes). We make it back to the intersection to head north and off we go. We make it just in time and Kyla gets her iPad 2 (I just happened to pick up a 11 inch MacBook Air while we are there, Dale is pleased, lol). We make a quick call to family and arrange dinner (a quick meal on the open fire). We head about 15 minutes south on Highway 40 to an acreage and plan for a short visit, our scheduled stop is still an hour north and tomorrow will be a long day as we plan to get the Hay River, NWT. Our plan didn’t work. After our quick fire and dinner we head into Grande Prairie to say goodbye to family. It is 11:05 pm when we arrive in Grande Prairie. There is no way I want to drive the hour to Dunvegan and arrive there at midnight. We decide to spend the night here. We must look like crazy people. The camper is still connected to the truck, we can’t put out the slides, we take up half the street and we are running a 100 foot extension cord to the garage to get power. Kyla and I are happy as we at least have free wi-fi (it helps that the last time I was here, I set it up and our computers remember the wi-fi password). We are set up, in bed and asleep by 12:45 am. One problem, we have now added and extra hour to our trip tomorrow. I cancel our site in Hay River after booking a new one at Louise Falls, closer to the Alberta/NWT border. That will shorten tomorrow by the hour and even out the day. It will also make the next day shorter by an hour. Being late to Grande Prairie didn’t allow me anytime for photos (except for some family photos around the fire). We leave GP and start heading north. We make a quick stop in High Level for mor fuel and snack and to say hello to my Sister and Brother-in-law that live there. We didn’t leave GP until 12:50 pm and seven hours later we arrive in the NWT. We get set-up and just relax for the night. The next morning we are off on the final leg of our trip. We see Cranes, Hawks, a Coyote and a Fox but, at 100 kph we get no pictures. About an hour north of the park we stop at McNally Creek. I want to shoot the falls there and being only a couple of hundred feet off the highway, it is a short enough stop that no one will kill me, lol. I get a few images and we leave again. Four hours later we are home. We have just enough time to park the camper and unload most of our gear before we crash for the night, some of us (just me) have work the morning. It was a fun three weeks and I think I need to go again. Maybe I will collect a few pay cheques first. Thanks to all of you who followed us around using this blog as your guide, it has been fun keeping everyone updated. Here are the last images taken on the trip (three views of McNally Creek), enjoy and as always Happy Shooting.


Written by leesacrey

August 13, 2011 at 9:00 AM

2 Responses

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  1. Great shots, Lee, I particularly love that first one!

    John E Marriott

    August 13, 2011 at 12:35 PM

  2. Lee some of my favourite images from your trip were the shots closest to home. I really like the shots of McNally Creek and the way the lines of spray at the falls base radiate like an explosion (like the second one best). Good to be home?

    Daryl Benson

    August 28, 2011 at 4:23 PM

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