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A trip on the Ingraham Trail.

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Over the past few weeks I have been doing something similar. Each weekend I pick an area and a time and go out to take part in the craft of photography. I seem to get up early on Saturday mornings and take a trek, it is starting to become a bit of a weekend ritual. Saturday, October 1, 2011 was one of those mornings. The day before I did a Facebook post that I was going out and asked if any one else might want to join me. I had one person decide to join me, my friend Jan Fullerton. Leaving around 6:30 am we picked-up some Tim Horton’s and then we headed out on the famous Ingraham Trial. Jan and I planned to be on the Reid Lake boat launch for the 7:38 am sunrise. The problem was it was rainy and overcast and it appeared sunrise wouldn’t be that great. Of course, we were going out anyway. We were at Reid Lake at the right time but, there was no sign of sunrise and it was windy and wet. We decided to continue to the end of the Trail before heading back toward town. Despite the weather, after about 3 hours we ended up back at Reid Lake. We made several stops on our way back to town. At some we photographed what we saw and at others we just seem to drive around and explore. We even got a little four-wheeling in (wow, diesel trucks are heavy in the mud). By lunch time we had arrived back home, a little colder and the truck was a little muddy but, we had some images for our troubles. Here is a sample of what things I had seen on our saturday morning adventure. Enjoy thanks for visiting and as always Happy Shooting.

Fallen Leaves in Reid Lake Territorial Park

Ruffed Grouse near Tibbett Lake

The Old Ingraham Trial near the Yellowknife River

Abandoned Boat at Powder Point in Hidden Lake Park

Drops on a fallen leaf on the Ingraham Trail

Grass near Powder Point in Hidden Lake Park

Jan getting a shot of the Cameron River


Written by leesacrey

October 10, 2011 at 12:26 PM

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  1. what happened? these shots are fantastic! i usually like one or so from your blogs, but i have to say these are some of the best i’ve seen from you Lee, the grouse and Reid lake being my favorites. the leaf is a close 3rd


    October 10, 2011 at 2:14 PM

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