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Where did the last two weeks go?

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I have been busy for the last two weeks but, I always seem to find some time to get a few images. Two weekends ago, Dale, the girls and I took a trip to Fort Smith. Dale and the girls have never been there and wanted to check it out. We headed south on friday afternoon stopping for the night in Hay River. George and Darlene Blandford are in Hay River and it was great to see them and they put us up for the night. They looked after us with a late dinner and breakfast the next day. It was a great visit. The next morning we were off to Fort Smith with a stop at the Salt Fields along the way. There were a couple of Whiskey Jacks that played with us while we were there. We spent the rest of saturday and sunday morning exploring the area before heading back to Yellowknife. On our return trip we made several stops including Little Buffalo River Territorial Park and the old Pine Point town site. The Pine Point site was awesome, nothing around but the town grid, paved streets with crosswalks and some lines still showing. A complete town grid with no buildings at all. I need to explore there some more. If you haven’t heard of Pine Point, NWT you need to Google it (it is very cool). Here I will get you started http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pine_Point,_Northwest_Territories. Here are a couple of images from the trip.

Bison near the Mackenzie River at Fort Providence, NWT

Sunset over the Mackenzie River, Fort Providence, NWT

The start of the Salt Fields near Fort Smith, NWT

My Whiskey Jack friend just leaving his tree top perch

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Drew McKenna. Drew was here on business and got in touch with me about shooting the Aurora. We went out a couple of times with our camera gear to see natures light show and we did get to see some Aurora. I was a fun couple of nights. Oh and if the name Drew McKenna sounds familiar to you well, you may have seen him on Dragon’s Den where he and his partners got a deal. Check out their website to see what they pitched to the Dragons – http://www.quicksnap.ca/. Here is a sample of the Aurora Drew and I saw.

So, that is a brief write-up on my last couple of weeks. Hopefully my next post will have images from my new Sony a77 which arrived last night. Until then, thanks for stopping and as always Happy Shooting.

Written by leesacrey

November 1, 2011 at 10:52 PM

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  1. Nice image of the bison near the Mackenzie River and Northern Lights with dock.


    November 4, 2011 at 12:52 PM

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