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There are two things we can always count on!

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Here in the great white north a.k.a. Yellowknife, NT, there are two things we can always count on seeing (especially this time of year). Those things are Willow Ptarmigan and Aurora. Ptarmigan are usually everywhere in the city (we even have bumper stickers that say “I brake for Ptarmigan”). Just grab your camera and lens, jump in your vehicle and within a couple of minutes you will have the opportunity to snap a few shots of the snow-white birds. Once it gets to dark for photographing Ptarmigan, just wait a while, change lenses and you can go out for a quick evening/night of good old Aurora photograph. Aurora appears regularly above our beautiful city (as long as it isn’t overcast). Quite often you can go out night after night and see the lights dancing in the sky above.

This past week is no exception. I was easily able to shot both Ptarmigan and Aurora with five minutes of my front door. Here is a sample of what was available for my viewing pleasure. If you come visit I am sure you will get to see them as well. Tomorrow, I am off to try to capture some images of a couple of Great Grey Owls that are said to live close by, stay tuned to see if I have any success. For now enjoy these images and as always Happy Shooting.

Written by leesacrey

January 7, 2012 at 3:24 AM

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