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Hunting with friends with little to prove our success!

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Yesterday, Saturday January 7, 2012, I was fortunate enough to be asked to go hunting for a couple of Hawk Owls. Not hunting with guns or bows but, hunting with cameras. A friend of mine, John, is an avid bird photographer. John and his friend Rosemarie often photograph together and seemed to have some information on the location of the owls and asked me to tag along as they went looking for them. Another friend of mine, Trace, saw a post that I was going and wanted in. Of course, none of us had issues with that (knowing more people interested in photography never hurts). I volunteered to drive and picked everyone up shortly after 10 am. So off we went, a group of new friends on a morning hunt. We headed out of Yellowknife on Highway 3, travelling for about 25 minutes to the area where the owls are known to be. However, today it was not to be, we didn’t see owls, or any wildlife of any kind (being in the north we did see ravens), not even any ptarmigan. We chatted and scanned the area as we drove. We decided to continue our trek and travel out the Ingraham Trail to see what we could spot. By now we had been hunting for almost 2 hours and still only ravens had been spotted. Finally there on the side of highway 4 were four to six snow-white ptarmigan – a sign that life did still exist, only a minute before Trace commented that all life in the area must have disappeared overnight. We continued on and a few minutes later, there it was, a great beast, charging towards our vehicle, until it turned and leapt off the road, a lynx. We had all seen it and we were quick to find it close to the edge of the trees and brush. It wasn’t in a position for us to get any images but we could watch for it to get into the open. We watched, waited and then…. we lost sight of the furious big cat. As we reentered the vehicle Rosemarie said the lynx may cross the road just beyond where we first witnessed it. No sooner did she speak when that happened, just as she said it would. Again we moved in but, we had lost sight of our cameras prey. No lynx images yet. We continued on our way hoping to rejoin the cat on the return trip. Wanting to get some images and trying to take advantage of some beautiful light, we stopped to capture some scenes. Doing that a few times we decide to start our return, all the while hoping to have a second run in with the lynx. On our way Trace, using his eagle eye and cat-like senses, spots a hawk. It was a Northern Goshawk (John will tell me if I have that wrong, I do know it was a bird because it had wings and was flying). Again, we moved in action with amazing precision and like before we came away empty-handed. We have to be the greatest group of wildlife and avian photographers on this, the third rock from the sun. Even if we had no images we were still happy to have seen the critters. We continued our conversations and our drive. A few minutes further, there on the road was a spruce grouse. We are sure to get an image of this, after all they don’t really fly away from anything too quickly. Wrong again! Before we could open a door, gone. We all laughed and moved on. Another few kilometres and there was another spruce grouse. This time we would get our true hunting skills in motion. We stopped a good distance away, got out of the truck and proceeded to capture the bird with our cameras. This time we got some images but, almost became prey to a Ford F150 that was hurling towards us at breakneck speed. We avoided the disaster and escaped certain death. We, once again, continued on our way, never seeing the lynx again. We still felt satisfied, after all, our skills got us a spruce grouse and some landscape images. Just over four hours after our journey started we were home safe and secure, with no fear of big cats, birds of prey and Ford trucks taking our lives and we still had all our cameras intact. It was a good day. Wait a minute, now that I think about all these events, they don’t seem that dramatic. Oh well, I am sure my memory is protecting me from the horrifying ordeal. If you are wondering what I did see on this trip, here is a sample. So, if you’re in need of an elite hunter, I am always around stalking something. Thanks for reading and as always,Happy Shooting.

Written by leesacrey

January 8, 2012 at 8:00 AM

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  1. Wow! We really did have one crazy adventure! I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for the smile 🙂


    January 8, 2012 at 10:22 AM

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