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I hate neck straps, maybe I need a Transporter!!!

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Can anyone tell me why, every time I buy a camera it comes with a neck strap? I really don’t like neck straps. Carrying my cameras around my neck is horribly uncomfortable. I can never get it to feel right no matter how I do it, no matter how I twist it or turn it the neck strap always feels wrong. It doesn’t even matter what kind of neck strap. Sure the newer redesigned ones feel better than the older ones but, they are still uncomfortable. In addition to not feeling that good, neck straps are always getting in my way. They hang in front of my lens, they get in the way of my hands when I am using my camera controls and sometimes even when I am laying the camera down I have to try to keep the strap out-of-the-way or out of something near by or whatever. Neck straps are just a pain in the behind. I don’t use mine around my neck. Now I most often use the strap over my shoulder. That is more comfortable but, I’m still not a fan. So, what do I use instead you ask? Well, I haven’t found the ideal carrying device yet and I currently use three different things on each camera body I carry. On my Minolta Maxxum 7 35mm film body I have the old Minolta neck strap. I hate the strap (I actually like the old school strap to look at, I just don’t like carrying the camera with it) but, most of the time the camera is carried in my bag so it is not as annoying in there.

My Maxxum 7 - Strap

For my Sony a700 I ordered a Camera Armor ToughStrap and SafeGrip. A combination of a neck strap and a hand grip. I took the original Sony neck strap off and put it and the Camera Armor neck strap in a storage box. I then put the hand grip on the camera body. So now I only have the hand strap located on the same side as the main camera grip. Unlike other straps this one doesn’t need to use the tripod mount point on the bottom of the camera. I can’t say it is the perfect solution to holding my camera but, it is a lot better than a neck strap.

my a700 with Camera Armor's SafeGrip

When I bought my Sony a77, I knew I wouldn’t be using the neck strap that came with it and wanting to try something other than the Camera Armor SafeGrip, I went back to a strap. I know what you are thinking, If I hate neck straps why go back. Well, this strap is different. This time I purchased a Lowepro Transporter strap. This strap is just a strap with a shoulder pad as a separate piece which will slide along the strap, allowing you to position it anywhere you like. It also has a memory card holder attached (which allows me to carry two additional cards). The big feature for me is the two quick release buckles attached to the strap. You see you get two pieces that attach to the camera and the strap uses quick releases to buckle to the camera. Now I can attach the strap when I am on the move and quickly unclasp the strap when I am using my camera. Now if I ever decide to purchase the extra smaller straps (with the ladder locks) and mount those to my other cameras, I can use this one strap for multiple camera bodies. I think it works great.

my a77 with the Lowepro Transporter attached

The Lowepro Transporter's quick release buckle

my a77 with the strap released

So, there you have it, I hate neck straps and I have taken you on my small journey to solve my problem. After all that I will tell you this, when using my camera (holding it in my hand to take a shot) the best strap for me is still no strap at all. That would make my hand pretty tired as I walk. For now the Lowepro Transporter is my answer. The other thing I can tell you is, today I used two cameras to capture images of different camera straps. There is always something to shoot. Thanks for reading and as always Happy Shooting.


Written by leesacrey

January 13, 2012 at 8:00 AM

2 Responses

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  1. I ‘hate’ neckstraps as well but have you tried the Sun Sniper Pro? Its pretty easy to put on and take off (the strap) and the way it sits against your body and floats along the strap makes it pretty comfortable, out of the way, and easy to use.


    January 13, 2012 at 8:39 AM

  2. You need to try the Black Rapid straps, they are awesome for long days with the camera. I absolutely love mine!

    Shaun Morris

    January 13, 2012 at 2:37 PM

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