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Five minutes to shoot, 5 minutes of post!

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Yesterday, between some lunch time errands, I made a quick detour onto the Dettah Ice Road . It was first venture onto the ice this year. I didn’t go that far as I still had to get back to the office and do some client work. I made a quick stop and got out of the truck. I looked around and as I always do, I looked back at Yellowknife’s old town and the house boat community. I love the view of the house boats in Yellowknife bay, winter or summer it doesn’t matter. I captured a few images and jumped back in the truck to complete my next errand. Five minutes, the entire detour got me only five minutes of time and I didn’t use my camera the rest of the day. Early this morning I loaded the images on my computer and spent no more than five minutes in post for all images combined.

I should note that each time I photograph the house boats, there is usually one that stands out to me. This time was no different. There was a house boat with some bright yellow metal siding. I really like how the yellow went with the cool winter scene. Another thing to note is that I am not a fan of a big clear blue sky. To me it just big and blue, nothing really interesting. Add some interesting cloud cover and I am a happy photographer so, yesterday morning was a good morning for capturing a big sky. I love how low the sun is on the horizon up here in the north. It is like we get sunrise for the whole day. Anyway enough of my chatter, here is a sample of my five minutes of camera holding time. Enjoy, thanks for checking in and as always Happy Shooting.


Written by leesacrey

January 14, 2012 at 11:42 AM

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