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The Tree, the Raven and the Willow Ptarmigan!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012 – Today I had planned on a short outing to capture some images. After a week where I only got a few minutes each time to shoot, I thought this would be a big event. However, my plan wasn’t really that big. I had only one thing that I really wanted to capture and once it was captured the rest of my outing was unscheduled. Just shoot what you see was my only thought. Earlier this week while on a drive around Yellowknife, I noticed a tree that seemed much more interesting than all the other trees around. I knew it would be the one subject I would have to capture on my big Sunday outing. So, mid-afternoon I head out with Bella the dog in the passenger seat. We drive directly to where I had spotted the tree and for some reason, I didn’t spot it right away. We drove around the block and there it was, the tree. I was shooting from a fairly long distance and was using my Sigma 120 – 400 mm lens mounted to my Sony a77. I took a couple of pictures and got back in the vehicle to grab my Maxxum 7 film camera. It was then I noticed something blinking on my a77 LCD screen. It was the words “no card”. I had left the card for my camera on my desk at home. I was just a little unhappy and started to call home to have someone bring it to the door if I returned. As Megan answered I remembered that Megan actually bought me an extra SDHC card for christmas and had me put it in the card holder on my camera strap. I quickly loaded it in the camera, formatted it and went back to the tree to recapture the images that I wanted. This time I took several images at different focal lengths. Thank goodness my family are always thinking about my habits. From there, I drove around while Bella stuck her head out the window into the -43 degree wind-chilled air. We saw a murder of ravens in the small park near the Dettah Ice Road. Ravens we see everywhere but, to see twenty or so ravens together is a little unusual. I pulled into the park and got some images. It was only a week ago I had commented on how difficult it is to get great raven images. I always seemed to have a problem capturing the detail of these interesting black birds. I captured a few more house boat images and some images of a dog chasing the ravens around the park, he appeared to be having a good time. The Ravens not so much. I drove around for a while and found myself out on the Giant Mine boat launch, a regular stop for aurora images but, unusual for me during the day. While there I noticed (or I should say Bella noticed) some Ptarmigan sitting in some of the small trees. Again using my 120 – 400 mm I captured a few images. From there my time got short and I decided to head back home. It was a great afternoon, a sample of the day’s work is below. Hopefully I will have the film images that I have captured this week processed soon so that I can share some of those as well. Enjoy, thanks for being here and as always, Happy Shooting.


Written by leesacrey

January 16, 2012 at 8:00 AM

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