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Twilight- The Camera Mode!!

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Continuing on the discussion of not having a lot of day light hours for photography here in the north. I decided, on my drive home from the office, that I would try my Sony a77’s Hand-held Twilight mode. I have used the mode with my older a55 but, haven’t yet put it to use on my a77. Hand-held Twilight is a mode which allows the user to take night scenes with out the use of a tripod or a flash. It is great at events in concert halls or auditoriums where they don’t allow a flash to be used or where tripods would get in the way. What it does is, take multiple images of the subject and combines them to get one good images. The shutter actually fires continuously for several seconds. My best guess would be that it works something like making a HDR image. I seems to work very well with one exception, it will not work for RAW files only JPEGs. I thought I would try to capture three things; the Legislative Assembly building, the Explorer Hotel and the City skyline. Each of those would be an easy stop on my drive. In about twenty minutes I had the three images I was looking for. After taking the City skyline I said the myself, “Self this mode works well on these buildings. The buildings don’t move, so overlapping the images or blending them would probably be easy for my cameras/computers brain. What would happen if I tried to capture some that isn’t stationary.” About ten feet from where I was standing were some flags blowing the breeze. I would try to use this Hand-Held Twilight mode to capture two flags blowing in the early evening sky. To my amazement it seemed to work just fine on these moving objects. Interesting, this could open a lot of new possibilities. Below are four images that were taken on what became  a thirty minutes drive. I hope you find them interesting and as a second point; remember to play with the different functions on your camera. You my be surprised at what you may capture and if you don’t like the results; it digital just hit delete. Thanks for hanging around and as always Happy Shooting.


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