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Going Grey is Not That Bad!

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I have been in the north now for 22 years and until last year I haven’t seen a great grey owl. Not just a great grey but, I don’t recall seeing any owls. It is not that I haven’t seen owls, I just haven’t seen any in the NWT. Last year was the first that I spotted any of these great creatures. Even those great greys that I had seen and photographed weren’t in the NWT, those were just  south of High Level, Alberta. In the past few weeks I have been out in search of these beautiful predatory birds. A friend of mine, John, is an avid bird photographer and has been giving me advice on where I can spot them. Several times I have gone on a short road trip to find the owls, but I haven’t had good luck. Interestingly, friends of mine continue to post images and tell me they have seen them. I guess I am just unlucky. This past Saturday, I got up and decided to try once again to find the owls. Megan, Jenna and Bella the dog decided to come with me. So, we got in the truck, picked up some breakfast and headed out of the city. We went to the area where the owls have been seen but, we didn’t see anything (just a few ravens). We continued to look around for any wildlife at all. At noon I had to head home as Kyla had to be at work for 12:30 pm. So, here I was with another morning spent and still no owl images. Later that afternoon, after getting Kyla off to work, I return home and while there I received a call from my wife Dale. Dale was at work and John’s girlfriend, Alietha works with her. Dale called to tell me that John just called them and he had just gotten back from a drive were he had seen a great grey owl. John and Alietha were going to head back out and we would join them. Just twenty kilometres from the city, sitting on a pole was a big beautiful owl. The owl stayed for a while as we took several shots. Dale took several pictures as well. I always bring more than one camera and Dale grabbed my extra one and with my 70 – 200 mm f2.8 she got some good shots. I was using my Sigma 120 – 400 mm. John was using a 300 f2.8 with a 2x converter. I was pretty excited to finally see the owl, but John wasn’t quite done with us yet. John has been talking about hawk owls for the past few weeks. We followed John just a couple of extra kilometres and again, sitting on the wires, was a hawk owl. The mid afternoon sun was almost directly behind this little owl and it was difficult to get a good image from my vantage point. After just a minute or so the little guy flew deeper into the forest. We could still see the him but he was pretty far away. We stayed and talked for a few minutes. As we did the owl was once again on the move. This time he flew across the highway and stopped in a tree top, we walked a few hundred feet down the road and took some photos. John had moved to a little better location than I did. I was able to get a few images but, the small owl was hidden in the tree top from where I stood. I will post one of those here a show you what I was able to see. It was a great afternoon of shooting, I even took some time to take a few images of things in the area. Bull rushes with a cool snowy backdrop and some snow and rock formations along the sides to the road. Again, it was a great day. How could it not be with good friends and family all travelling around with a purpose? A purpose of capturing some good images. Thanks for hanging out and as always, Happy Shooting.

Below are some of Dale’s Great Grey Images

Written by leesacrey

February 5, 2012 at 9:59 PM

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  1. […] as I was expecting but, it was not a bad movie. Considering what I photographed on saturday (see Going Grey is not that bad) “The Big Year” now seemed more appropriate than I had first thought. If you’re […]

  2. Beautiful!!!

    Molly Subramaniam

    February 6, 2012 at 12:19 PM

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