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Golden Bear and the Three Girls!

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If you follow this little blog of might, you will probably remember that a short time ago I purchased some studio lights. Recently, I ordered a second set of umbrellas. The original ones that came with my light kit are reflective umbrellas and I was told that I should get some shoot through umbrellas as I may have better results with that type. So, I ordered two convertible umbrellas. These umbrellas allow me to use them a reflective or, if I remove the black outer layer, I can have the light shine through the umbrellas. When they arrived I thought I would set-up a photo shoot that would allow me to try them out. I sent out a notice that I would like to do a shoot of either headshots or tattoos. I got a couple of people interested and we set a time to take some images. When the day arrived, I arranged our family room into a make shift studio. I set-up the lights, move some furniture and even took down the artwork on some of the walls. Normally, when we are doing a shoot inside we will hang some solid background sheets on the folded table tennis table but, for this shoot I was going to use the solid coloured wall. That would give me a little more room to shoot. Once the set-up was complete, I decided to get a few practice shoots in and with three daughters in the house, finding subjects (or models) is pretty easy. Kyla, of course, brought down her own camera and captured a few images of her own. The girls and I played photographer and models for about forty-five minutes. For most of the images I used my a77 and a wide-angle zoom lens (11 – 18mm). After our family shoot wound down, two people came by and we chatted for a bit and then I tried to capture some images of art on a human canvas. It was a fun evening, but I learned that I still have a lot of lighting techniques to learn. It may be time to hire Dave Brosha to come over for some teaching. I thought I would post some images I took of the girls and the giant teddy bear (who lives in the family room). Here is a sample of the family fun. Enjoy, thanks for being here and as always Happy Shooting.

Kyla and Golden Bear

Jenna - I whip my hair back and forth!

Specs (Megan) - going a little close to a wide angle lens.

Jenna and Golden Bear.

Kyla and Golden Bear - 2

The Real Jenna.


Written by leesacrey

February 7, 2012 at 9:00 AM

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