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Storm Clouds

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In the early evening on May 8, 2012, I had to start Dad’s Taxi service and go somewhere with Megan. I believe Megan needed a ride home from her dance class. With Megan now riding shotgun, we started commenting on the storm clouds that are moving toward Yellowknife. I am a big cloud fan, so much so that I would much rather a partly cloudy sky to a big blue sky. The texture and patterns and the shape of clouds make for great photographs (at least that is my thought). Before we head home, Megan and I decide to stop and capture some of the storm clouds. We take a short drive out past the Kam Lake Industrial area to a lake there and capture the cloud cover as it moves toward us. Just as we capture a few images the rain starts to fall. We climb back in the truck and head home. We couldn’t have been gone more than thirty minutes. It was a great thirty minutes. Here is a sample of what we saw. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the photos and as always Happy Shooting.




Written by leesacrey

June 19, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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